Chinese Remedies Using White Tea

Chinese Herbal MedicineThis unique Chinese Tea can be traced to the Song Dynasty in China,  from 960 to 1279. It is now a firm favorite throughout China – once reserved for Royalty.

Until quite recently the health benefits of Chinese White Tea were not very widely recognized  outside of China – today White Tea like many Oolong teas are beginning to develop a strong following in the West as the health benefits of become better known – due to the increase in research and ongoing publicity of Chinese Tea in all forms of western media.

The White Tea began its life as an exclusive tea – reserved solely for emperor’s…

But as the decades have passed, this lightly processed high quality  Chinese tea has become more and more commonplace throughout all economic classes in China.

Today, Luckily you don’t have to be an emperor to enjoy the taste and health benefits of  White Tea. You can go practically anywhere in the world and enjoy a cup of White Tea – though the quality will vary widely due to shelf life of White Tea being quite short – it is considered a delicate tea – best consumed within a few months of picking and processing.

So what are some of the white tea benefits ?… why are they exclusive to White Tea?

White tea is a non fermented tea which is made from carefully hand picked tea buds – resulting in high quality tea (White Tip Silver Needle)  or the lesser grades – a bud with one leaf  (White Peony) the leaves are lightly steamed soon after picking, because of this minimal processing White Tea remains rich in polyphenols – tea polyphenols are well regarded for helping to eradicate  toxins and  free radicals that commonly cause many of our infection’s or illness as well as free radicals are attributed to premature aging.

White Tea is specifically noted to help improve many skin conditions…

One area that seems to experience the most benefit is cold sores. It is a common remedial method to drink white tea in order to help the healing process along. It is also commonplace for people to use the White Tea as a sort of rinsing solution for the affected areas.

Though it is great to pursue the health benefits of Chinese Tea and in particular health benefits from White Tea, I would also like to point out that White Tea tastes great too!

White Tea Health Benefits :

1) Helps prevent cancer, including colon cancer.

2) Inhibits viruses and bacterial growth.

3) Boosts your immune system.

4) Slows the aging process.

5) High in antioxidants.

6) Anti-inflammatory.

Many people are very well aware Chinese green tea and its beneficial properties, but White Tea has yet to gain as much public awareness as its predecessor has – so what are the main differences between  White Tea vs Green Tea?

Green tea is filled with antioxidants and comes from a plant called the Camellia Sinensis. White Tea like most Chinese tea’s is also derived from this very same plant,  but is picked as young leaves not yet fully opened and then processed  processed slightly differently from Green Tea.

The greatest difference between the two teas is that white tea leaves are harvested before blooming. Green tea leaves come from a fully bloomed plant. White Tea is a younger leaf that offers a higher dose of antioxidants and polyphenols, plus other beneficial properties – they are both considered to be Chinese weight loss tea due to the fact they speed up your metabolism and help process fatty foods

Another noted difference between white tea vs green tea is that the plant buds are lightly steamed before they are dried. Thus, while Green Tea is a well known popular beverage you can consume on a regular basis, you will reap far more health benefits by adding  White Tea to your tea collection and occasionally drinking White Tea instead of the ever popular Green Tea.

Another great tasting Chinese tea high in polyphenols and a excellent tea to remove free radicals from your system is Oolong tea

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