Chinese Ginseng – Health Benefits

Traditional Chinese Remedies

Chinese Ginseng :

Used in ancient and modern Chinese Medicine.

Chinese ginseng has long been a revered herb in terms of its effectiveness and many uses  in traditional Chinese remedies.

It is documented that in ancient China, wars were  fought between competing  Chinese regions in order to gain control over the territories where ginseng was naturally growing and found in abundance.

Chinese ginseng offers you a great number of therapeutic qualities and benefits, and as an Chinese herbal Medicine has  been freely embraced by Western communities as a proven and safe alternative form of medicine.
Health Benefits Of Chinese Ginseng :

  • improves circulation
  • is an antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • can be used to treat type 2 diabetes
  • boosts male  sex drive
  • fights :  stress,  fatigue and anxiety
  • promotes a healthy liver
  • boosts your immune system
  • no major side effects

While Chinese ginseng has a variety of uses to treat various conditions.

Its most beneficial use for most people is as stress inhibitor.

Chinese ginseng is known to help boost activity in brain cells that are responsible for maintaining healthy coping skills. Many people who are faced with stressful situations such as taking an exam or dealing with a high pressure job use Chinese ginseng as a stimulant.

Preparing Chinese Ginseng :

Chinese ginseng is now cultivated in many parts of the world.

It thrives best and grows healthier when planted in soil rich, moist and well drained.

A normal Chinese ginseng plant takes four years to mature, and is normally  harvested in the fall months. After being harvested, Chinese ginseng is then washed and steamed, and later dried and stored for use in the marketplace.

Chinese Ginseng, Research:

Over the years, many countries have conducted exhaustive research in the overall beneficial properties of Chinese ginseng.

Ginseng’s ability to help the body to deal with stressful situations is just one of the benefits found through this  research. One of the other uses discovered for Chinese ginseng was its ability to boost the body’s immune system.

Chinese ginseng was found to be extremely effective in increasing the body’s resistance to infection, especially in the liver.

Side Effects Of Chinese Ginseng:

Asian Ginseng of all types should be avoided if you have high blood pressure…

Other than this Chinese ginseng has also been found to produce little or no side effects, when taken in recommended dosages.

One of the few side effects found is insomnia, but only in cases where Chinese ginseng was used in very high dosages.

Overall, Chinese ginseng is an accepted Chinese remedy both in the West and East shown to provide natural remedies that are both effective and safe.

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