Chinese Incense, Natural Incense Aromatherapy

Chinese IncenseChinese Incense has played an integral part in Chinese life, the importance of  incense culture in China is well documented and even today incense plays an important role in day to day life,  incense is indispensable when preforming rituals, celebrations or ancestor worship,

As well as its uses in rituals incense has evolved over the last 5,000 years to become an important part of Chinese Remedies, with quality natural incense is being used in Chinese Herbal Medicine… as incense aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Incense used in Chinese medicine is a combination of herbs, rare aromatic woods and resins these are carefully blended together to create an aromatherapy incense that is most often  used to balance your mind and body, the exotic scents  lifting your spirit to a higher level – reducing stress…

This premium incense used in Chinese Medicine is made from a mixture of natural ingredients carefully selected from the same traditional sources Chinese Herbalists have used for centuries, the natural ingredients are chosen for their purity and healing properties.

In ancient times only Emperors and Royalty had access to this premium incense as many ingredients like Frankincense and Myrrh were once valued more highly than gold,  even today Alosewood another  popular ingredient in Chinese Incense and also used  Chinese Herbal Medicines is  highly sought after, because of this popularity Alosewood in all its forms carries a very  high price tag.   If  it is top quality.

Most quality Alosewood originates from Vietnam or Indonesia as well as various other South-East Asian countries, Due to the high cost of Alosewood and the profits to be made, a few countries are attempting to commercially and sustainably grow the varieties of Hardwood Tree that are needed to create Alosewood,  there aim of course is to produce  Alosewood on demand for commercial reasons, but it will also if successful ensure an on-going sustainable supply of Alosewood for Chinese Medicines and Aromatherapy Incense.

Today quality natural Chinese Incense is not common out side of China, but it is becoming quite easy to buy premium  Online Incense once you know what to search for and are familiar with the ingredients that should be in all quality natural Chinese Remedies Incense and of course what ingredients such as artificial scents and colouring  that should not be used in making premium incense.

Chinese Incense Ingredients :

  • Alosewood or Agarwood
  • Sandalwood
  • Frankincense
  • Cloves
  • Musk
  • Benzoin Resin
  • Spikenard

All these ingredients are chemical free and non toxic, combined these ingredients create an exotic naturally scented aromatherapy incense. Chinese Incense of this quality is healthy and safe to use, an incense that will reduce your stress levels as it relaxes and balances both mind and body.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is an incredibly fascinating subject, it is based on common sense practical theory and is largely a preventative medicine that has stood the test of time… though  for people in the West Chinese medicine is often cloaked in mystery and mythology and has suffered badly from over hyped claims of its effectiveness

This has on occasion led to unrealistic expectations from people desperate for a cure or quick fix to their own entrenched health problems, we as patients often fail to take into account that Chinese Medicine  is largely a practical holistic form of natural health care that requires time to be effective and to re-establish a balance in your bodies systems,  plus long term active participation by the patient is needed to gain full benefit from each form of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine is not a quick fix, it is a slow but steady process of energy adjustment.

Some of the most commonly recognized areas of traditional Chinese Medicine include… Tui Na Massage, Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture or Cupping (acupuncture dates back to the Shang Dynasty) Aromatherapy Incense and Food Therapy.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

All of these practices tie into a single common model for ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine, and that model is the natural balancing your bodies systems which includes balancing the energies of Yin and Yang so they work in harmony. When your bodies systems are in balance you have a far greater resistance or immunity to disease and illness.  This concept is also known through other names, such as Qigong and taijiquan or the “Five Elements”.

However, all of these terms define the same common law of balanced living.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was only very recently documented into a universal system; this  occurred just 70 years ago under the direct jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China.

Ancient Chinese Medicine

This form of ancient Chinese medicine provides a name and purpose for every organ of the human body, as well as channels or meridians  along which the energies flow and nourish our internal organs, when this flow of energy is disrupted or blocked we become tired and sick. Every aspect to traditional Chinese medicine is centered upon the balance of these energies in the body and how to retain them or re-establish them when balance is lost. It is said that imbalance of either the Yin or Yang energies are revealed directly through the type of  illnesses in the body and how it is affecting specific organs

Curing these illnesses is accomplished by way of thorough assessment and diagnosis by a certified practitioner. This process involves the practitioner and patient discussing all perceived health issues. Once the practitioner has pinpointed the source of an individual’s problem (which can be anything like acne, a minor headache, cancer or even mental disorder), then the patient can move forward to the process of treating their condition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In China, traditional medicine has been in practice for thousands of years. In fact, the Chinese consider it to be more than just offering a cure for illness. Ancient Chinese medicine is regarded as a way of life, a form of balanced healthy living.

Traditional Chinese medicine offers its own holistic solutions in all areas of life, including aspects to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. At its core, traditional Chinese medicine is made up of various cultural and philosophical beliefs that mostly abstain from scientific measure or models.

In some cases this has lead to credibility problems among western doctors who due to their upbringing and training expect every treatment to be scientifically proven and measured in an explainable way. they make no allowances for the fact it s not always possible or necessary to measure every result… if the positive results have been proven over time…

On a recent trip to China I consulted with a Chinese Doctor regarding a recurring neck problem, after showing me what I had to do to improve and eventually cure the problem … His parting words of wisdom were ” there are three simple key ingredients for good health”

  1. Good Sleep, sleep on your side with the lower leg straight and upper leg pulled up towards your chest, this ensures your spin is supported and allows your muscles to totally relax as you sleep.
  2. Good Diet, a low protein diet is best.
  3. Exercise, Tai Chi or Yoga they both improve posture plus  muscle and breath fitness

Sounds so simple and realistic it is almost certain to work… Putting sound advice like his into practice in the busy world we live in is often is our number one handicap to maintaining good health!

So instead of taking responsibly for our own decisions and health care many of us  go in search of unrealistic  quick fixes in the form of pharmaceuticals, which often create more problems, It should be noted that Chinese medicine takes time to work and for some it entails a dramatic change of lifestyle and diet, but once in place Chinese medicine is a reliable and well researched form preventative health care.

Chinese Herbal Medicine In Modern Society

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine :

Though originating from China.  Chinese herbal medicine is  in common use throughout East Asia.

With each  country developing their own version as they utilize locally sourced herbs and adapt the  herbal remedies to their own cultural sensitivities.

The use of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat a variety of medical conditions has been researched and documented for many centuries both in Asia and western countries where acceptance is growing.

Most  Chinese herbal medicine alternatives are of course  predicated on the use of herbs but some Chinese remedies are made with a combination of herbs and animal parts.

Herbs are used in various combinations tailored to treat individual patient symptoms.

Generally a qualified acupuncturist / herbalist will design  Chinese herbal remedies that utilizes at least  one or two main ingredients but it can be up to five ingredients that target your specific ailment.

One ingredient would be used to remove harmful toxins, while the other ingredients acts as a stimulant to provide necessary nutrients and minerals.

The aim of the  Chinese herbalist is to restore the  natural balance within your system, improving our immunity and resistance to illness.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines – consist of :

  • herbal medicine
  • acupuncture
  • food therapy
  • massage
  • qi gong
  • tai chi
  • cupping
  • tui na
  • fengshui

Chinese Herbal Medicines v’s Western Medicine :

Traditional Chinese  medicine is used in a very different manner or philosophy than most Western medications.

While Western medications are based entirely on science resulting in pharmaceuticals designed to treat your symptoms.

Chinese herbal medicine in most cases are used to promote a healthier immune system.

The aim is  to prevent diseases from developing  in the first place, Chinese herbal medicine offers you a more Holistic preventive approach to  your health care.

Traditional Chinese  medicine promotes the use of several different natural ingredients often these are boiled together for several hours  to create an easily digested herbal tea.

Whereas Western medicines heavily rely on one specific ingredient to treat symptoms – even though these treatments are often effective the benefits can be over shadowed by side effects.

Chinese herbal medicine makes use of many different parts of the herb itself, such as roots, flowers, stems and leaves in various combinations – with very few if any side effects, though the benefits from natural remedies will take longer to take effect.

In China Traditional Medicine is often seamlessly combined with Western Medicines and both methods of treatment are often taught to Chinese  medical students.

At the end of their training Traditional Chinese doctors are qualified to prescribe pharmaceuticals and to carry out minor surgery.

This level of acceptance of both disciplines doesn’t extend to the training of Western doctors when they choose to study  Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as western medicine…

Chinese Herbal Medicine – Application:

Chinese herbal medicine can be produced in a number of ways.

Raw herbs can be crushed for use in powders and ointments, they can be boiled to be used a variety of  herbal teas or tinctures, and can be used as a salve or plaster to be applied directly to your skin for deep tissue pain relief or treatment of open wounds.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is based on the belief that the human body needs to be in balance to remain fit and  healthy the balance is affected by opposing forces known as yin and yang, which simply put relates to the body’s internal temperature.

By employing various Chinese remedies including the  use of herbs, Chinese herbal medicine is able to maintain the body’s temperature balance and in turn our builds our resistance to disease.

Chinese Herbal Remedies :

Tastes of herbs are used in Traditional Chinese herbal medicine to identify their properties and uses.

The five different tastes :

  • salty
  • bitter
  • sour
  • sweet
  • pungent

all these tastes have a unique set of characteristics that can be used to revitalize the body’s energy levels.

- A bitter smelling herb can be used to increase bowel functions.

- Pungent herbs can be used to increase overall blood flow.

- Sweet tasting herbs can be used to better bring bodily functions into harmony.

Traditional Chinese Medicine :

More and more people are taking control of their own health care and turning to alternative remedies  like Chinese medicinal herbs as they have grown cynical and weary of Modern Medicine due in part to its almost total reliance on Pharmaceuticals.

Chinese Herbal Medicine as an Alternative ?

Chinese Herbal Medicine when used with common sense and care with the guidance of a supportive Family Doctor or Chinese Herbalist can be a very effective form of health care…

Where necessary you should combine the diagnosis techniques of modern medicine (x rays, blood tests… etc) with treatments alternative medicine (use Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat any illness when possible)

This combination of both disciplines – can ensure a high level of  natural  health care we should all strive for…

Chinese Asthma Home Remedies

Chinese Asthma Home Remedies :

Traditional Chinese Medicine prescribes that asthma comes in four different forms.

Chinese asthma home remedies have been designed that specifically deal with each different form.

In Chinese Medicine it is believed the first form of asthma is caused by what is known as spleen deficiency.

It is characterized by the appearance of a lot of mucous.

Although not actually having anything to do with the spleen, it is caused by a digestive deficiency which causes the body to hold on to water.

The excess water turns into mucous and affects the lungs.

Simple Chinese asthma home remedies for this condition decreases the overall water content.

One such treatment is called Er Chen Wan, containing herbs which remove the dampness.

Liver heat is another condition which causes asthma.

Again, having nothing to do with the liver, liver heat is caused by external sources of heat, such as pollution, alcohol or certain drugs that cause the lungs to overheat.

Chinese asthma home remedies that contain herbs such as ShaShen, Lily Bulb and Beach Silvertop help in alleviating coughing or breathing difficulties caused by liver heat.

Lung Qi Deficiency is another condition causing asthma.

A qi deficiency causes an overall weakening of the lungs, which can in turn cause shortness of breath and shallow breathing.

Ping Chuan Wan and dry cough pills are very effective asthma home remedies that can alleviate symptoms caused by a qi deficiency.

Herbs in Ping Chuan Wan restore qi efficiency.

Kidney deficiency is another condition which can cause asthma.

A deficient kidney isn’t able to supply proper energy to the lungs, resulting in improper lung function.

Asthma home remedies that contain gecko are very useful in treating this particular condition.

Asthma is a condition that strikes a vast percentage of the overall population and can easily be caused by external conditions. Finding Chinese asthma  home remedies that specifically deal with these conditions will go a long way toward restoring healthy lung functions.

These Chinese herbal remedies can be obtained from your local Chinese herbalist or if you prefer you can buy from… Chinese Herbs Direct

Remedies That Contain Chinese Fertility Herbs

Chinese Fertility Herbs :

Fertility can best be referred to as a couple’s chances of becoming pregnant. The combination of a female’s viable eggs along with a man’s healthy sperm cells ensures a successful chance at pregnancy.

When fertility can’t be achieved, modern medicine offers many advanced treatment plans that can be invasive, expensive and lengthy.

The Chinese over the years have developed a number of fertility herbs that can be very useful in creating a baby, these Chinese Herbs  offer a much less expensive option as opposed to conventional fertility drugs.

There are many factors that play a key role in contributing to infertility issues.

Diet or excess weight combined with too little exercise as well your overall health play key roles.

In America alone, it is thought that one out of every six couples will have difficulty in conceiving a child.

Chinese fertility herbs address the root cause of infertility by restoring better overall health.

Infertility can be caused by several underlying issues that may be occurring within the female body, such as blockage of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis or ovulatory issues.

Chinese fertility herbs directly deal with such issues by restoring balance within the female’s reproductive system.

Some Chinese fertility herbs can be taken in the first half of a women’s menstrual cycle.

These herbs will help improve blood circulation and help in preparing the uterus for conception.

Since ovulation occurs in the middle of a women’s menstrual cycle, it’s vitally important that Chinese fertility herbs are only taken during the first 14 days of the cycle.

Kidney deficiency is seen by the Chinese as one of the root causes of infertility.

Several Chinese fertility herbs deal with restoring overall kidney function.

Fertility herbs such as Rehmmania and He Shu Wu – are extremely effective in fighting kidney deficiencies, and are also very effective in preventing miscarriages.


Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss

Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss :

The difficulty,  We all have  controlling and maintaining a healthy weight is a growing concern worldwide – these concerns help fuel a multimillion dollar diet industry

There are hundreds if not thousands of commercial diets on the market, many of these diets can only be described as ” Starvation Diets ”

Your frustration will quickly grow as you try to determine which particular diet is safe or effective, as many diets seem to contradict each other – frustration can lead to bad choices when deciding which diet plan to use…

Chinese Weight Loss tends to follow a more holistic long term approach.  They feel that a balanced lifestyle,  light exercise,   Healthy food, and herbal remedies are the key to Living a Healthy Life, this combination keeps your  body and mind in balance – which in turn leads to a healthy weight…

At first glance this may sound simplistic – but you will find lifestyle changes that align with these basic principles will be  the most  effective in helping you to achieve your ideal weight

There are 4 Lifestyle activities you control that will influence your ability to loose weight :

  • The food you eat. You should slowly adjust your diet to reduce your meat and dairy intake… aim for a diet high in fish, brown rice, vegetables and fruit – eat normal size meals do not starve your system of calories – instead control the food types you eat – starvation diets will give you short term results, though often lead to counter productive binge eating.
  • What type of exercise you do ? do you exercise ? – try anything  – walk the dog,  Yoga,   Cycling,   Don’t feel you need to exercise to burn calories – exercise for fun, relaxation and to speed up your metabolism… any form of exercise will do this, choose a form of exercise you enjoy that is easy to include in your daily routine.
  • The health of your internal organs. – a healthy Liver and Spleen is essential to maintain a healthy weight – look for a natural weight loss detox to cleanse your internal organs this will improve your chances of fast – sustainable weight loss results
  • What you drink. do you have a preference  for Alcohol ? Alcohol is extremely high in sugar – why not try Chinese Tea ?

Chinese tea is a corner stone  of  a normal diet in China – an important  part day to day life, to the point of it being second nature for Chinese people to drink tea with every  Meal it doesn’t matter whether they are slowly eating their way through a banquet dinner or sitting down to a simple breakfast – they will always drink several cups of Tea – Chinese Tea speeds up your metabolism and improves digestion.

Pu erh Tea is very popular in China for this purpose as is Oolong or Green Tea – all these tea types are considered to be Chinese weight loss tea.

Liver Health :

Pu erh is a post fermented tea that has been in use for centuries in China as a weight loss tea and a general tonic Pu erh is especially good for your stomach – one of its many benefits is it helps to break down oily or fatty foods – you will often find it served in Yum Cha restaurants, it also helps reduce the negative effects of a diet high in meat… This is of enormous benefit as the complete digestion of oils and fats is essential for efficient  liver function.

A healthy liver is important for long term sustainable weight loss …In short if your liver processes fats and sugars efficiently you can eat normally without the need for strict diets excess fats  processed by your healthy liver are excreted and not stored in your body as fat.

Important Note…

Chinese weight loss herbs and Chinese herbs in general should not be confused with commercial Chinese Diet Pills sold to the unwary… most of these concoctions are banned by the FDA because of the deaths and health scares they cause… they are often promoted as Natural Ancient Chinese Medicines when many include unlisted ingredients that are dangerous prescription medicines or appetite suppressors… These scams should not be viewed as Chinese Weight Loss !

Chinese medicine follows the principle that in order for your body to be fit and healthy your systems need to be in complete balance – both mind and body. All Chinese Medicines are prescribed with the aim of maintaining this important balance

When weight is an issue a Chinese Herbalists will create  a formula from natural herbs that eases stress and helps you sleep as well – the formula will contain certain weight loss herbs or metabolism conditioners. They will look at your eating habits and recommend specific foods to remove or add to your daily diet – in order to help balance your bodies systems.

This is real holistic Chinese Weight Loss – A long term solution

In many cases, your body’s metabolism and genetics will dictate the speed or effectiveness of your weight loss efforts – what ever your age or current weight, you can achieve positive results – it is important for you to make a plan and set realistic goals… when you stick to your diet plan you are sure to see positive results as you drive toward your ideal weight.

Weight Loss Detox :

With many people no matter what Starvation Diet you try nothing seems to work for long ?

Is this is a problem you have experienced in the past ? … Before you start another diet – you should first  Detox Your Liver as well as adopt  a well balanced  diet ( high in vegetables, fish and brown rice – But low in meat, processed foods, sugars or dairy products ) Once you have detoxed and established healthy eating habits… from this point on you can expect your weight loss efforts to produce long term stable results… The weight loss detox is an important step in any natural weight loss plan.

Chinese Weight Loss Herbs :

Chinese Weight loss herbs are used in many remedies to  boost metabolic function,  common herbs are Chinese ginseng and atractylodes.

These particular weight loss herbs increase your chi and yang energy, they also fit into the category of  Chinese weight loss herbs.

  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Deucommia bark
  • Magnolia bark
  • Ginseng – it is important to avoid Asian ginseng if you have high blood pressure

Chinese weight loss remedies will often include  bitter herbs to aid weight loss. Bitter herbs reduce the  acidic conditions in your stomach that can trigger cravings for unhealthy foods.

  • Chinese rhubarb
  • coptis
  • scute

Chinese Diet Tea :

Chinese remedies have proven to be a tremendous help for many people in their  battle to loose weight and to go on to maintain a healthy weight.

Chinese Weight Loss Herbs in combination with a  balanced diet  and exercise increases the body’s metabolism ensuring a healthy sustainable weight – without the need for starvation diets – dangerous diet pills or appetite suppressors.

Need More Information ? Watch this video to learn the essentials of an effective Diet Plan – expert tips on Weight Loss Detox…

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Chinese Remedies That Include Herbs For Anxiety

Herbs for Anxiety : Traditional Chinese Medicine offers many natural remedies for anxiety,

Herbalists consider anxiety to be the mind and body’s reaction when dealing with stress. In many cases short term anxiety or stress can help us when dealing with a particular tense situation that requires quick thinking and concentration – like sitting exams or over working.

However stress  can also lead to a number of psychological conditions that are more severe in nature.

The Chinese community has long believed that Chinese Remedies and the use of herbs for anxiety brings balance back into the body.

Chinese herbalists prescribe that anxiety actually forms in the body’s chest area, and they consider the chest to be the seat of all emotions. Chinese Herbal Remedies  for anxiety would specifically deal with healing the problem directly through the chest.

Chai hu is one such Chinese herb that, when used in conjunction with other herbs for anxiety, helps deal with blood flow to the chest area.

Chai hu can be used along with tai zi shen, and huang qin to deal with anxiety, and is also effective in dealing with premenstrual syndrome for women.

Another of the herbs for anxiety that can be used is fu shen.

Fu shen is another common herb used in Chinese Medicine, and is very useful in helping to alleviate liver conditions.

Chinese herbalists have found that fu shen is also one of the most effective natural remedies for anxiety herbs  when treating excessive bouts of fear.

The mimosa tree is the source of a couple of herbs for anxiety used in Chinese Remedies.

He huan pi is from the bark itself and is used to relieve constrained emotions, while he huan hua is the flower of the tree, and is used to deal with the heart-liver meridian.

Both of these herbs for anxiety can also be used to treat swelling on the skin.

The Chinese believe that anxiety creates an imbalance in the body’s chi, and herbs for anxiety will help in restoring the body’s overall balance.

Visit…  Chinese Herbs Direct to learn more about Chinese remedies for Anxiety or Stress



Chinese Remedies For Constipation

Natural Cures for Constipation :

Constipation occurs in the body when stools have difficulty moving through the intestines.

Constipation itself can have many causes, including poor diet or not enough fluid consumption, waiting too long to go to the bathroom, and fiber imbalance.

The Chinese have developed a number of herbal remedies that can be used as natural cures for constipation, and they believe that constipation occurs as a result of disharmony within the body.

Ancient Chinese culture dictates that outside energy makes it way inside the body, causing excessive heat and qi stagnation. Exterior heat affects the large intestine, making it difficult for stools to pass through smoothly.

Herbal cures for constipation include Chinese herbs such as huang qi and hu tao ren, which act as a natural laxative.

When qi in the body is deficient, it causes an imbalance in the body, giving a person less energy to properly move the bowels. One of the well documented Chinese remedies  for constipation is called Shen Qi Da Bu Wan, which contains Chinese tonics that act as a lubricating laxative, allowing for smoother travel of stools through the intestines.

The Chinese also believe that cures for constipation can be achieved through acupuncture, especially when dealing with chronic constipation.

While many cures for constipation deal with instant relief, acupuncture is used to to help correct an imbalance within the body that causes long term constipation.

Treatments can vary in time, and acupuncture treatments are used in conjunction with Chinese remedies that treat vital substances that need to be nourished.

While cures for constipation can certainly be found in the form of conventional laxatives found on store shelves, the Chinese believe that the body needs to put back into balance, and to increase qi efficiency within the body.

Chinese Home Remedies For Eczema

What Is Eczema:

What Is The Cause Of Eczema, The Western Medicine Perspective…

“Eczema” and “dermatitis” are two terms often used to describe the same skin condition, though the two types of dermatitis that are most often referred to as “eczema” are atopic dermatitis or allergic contact dermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis/eczema tends to become a chronic condition and is more difficult to treat. Eczema, also known as atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis, is an acute or chronic inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by a itching red rash .  The lesions when scratched become weepy and crusted.

The condition often begins in infancy and continues  into adulthood.

What Causes Eczema : The original cause of eczema is not clearly understood from a Western Medicine point of view.  In most cases eczema appears in infancy.  Though there has been no proof yet that eczema is inherited, young children are more susceptible to contracting eczema, the chance of you developing eczema  after the age of 20 is rare.

In many cases of eczema the itchy rash gets worse as a reaction to certain foods or environments such as milk, eggs, soybeans, fish and wheat.

You should try to avoid situations that cause other allergy symptoms, as these symptoms could trigger an eczema attack… such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat, symptoms like these can cause eczema to flare up… if possible avoid inhaling dust mites or pollen.

Known Eczema Causes :

  • Milk
  • Peanuts
  • Eggs
  • Soybeans
  • Soaps…they remove the natural oils from skin
  • Dust Mites
  • Wheat
  • Wool…blankets, clothing,
  • Pollen
  • Stress

Chinese herbs have long been used in home remedies for the treatment of many different skin infections and irritations. Chinese herbs work to attack the underlying cause and bring balance back to the skin.

Chinese home remedies for eczema have been proven to be a great alternative to more conventional methods.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is accepted that Chi (pronounced “Chee” ) an essential internal energy that flows through our bodies … It is a proven fact that a well balanced Chi circulation is necessary for the correct function of all systems in your body.

The correct balance of Chi is essential for good health, poor Chi circulation causes disruption of various functions in the body leading to illness and disease.

Every organ has its own Chi and any illnesses with in each organ can be seen in terms of an imbalance of this Chi.  Diseases, of the skin, are complicated by the fact they involve the Chi of several organs. This is the case with eczema.

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory states that Eczema can develop pre-birth and during breast feeding due to the mothers diet choices. Eating  fatty, spicy, fried or sweet foods, or fish.

This causes a deficiency of her Spleen Chi. This imbalance of Spleen Chi is passed on to the baby. Foods are not processed into usable energy.  Instead, Dampness and Heat accumulate internally. Damp-Heat is an unhealthy condition which often leads to disease, disease that presents its self in your skin and causes eczema lesions.

Certain foods can cause this to happen more quickly…if the baby is feed too much dairy, spicy or sweet foods.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is based on the belief that the five elements, water, earth, metal, wood and fire all play a key part in the balance of yin and yang within the body.

In the case of eczema, an overheated blood flow can cause eczema, and outer dampness can creep into the skin as well, causing the skin to become dry, flaky and cracked.

Chinese University Of  Hong Kong

A recent study of 85 patients by the Chinese University Of  Hong Kong has shown positive results when using Chinese Remedies  in treating Etopic Dermatitis (eczema) as reported in the British Journal Of Dermatology.

The five Chinese Herbal Medicines used to treat eczema were :

  1. Japanese honeysuckle
  2. Peppermint
  3. Root bark of peony tree
  4. Underground stem of the herb atractylodes
  5. Amur cork-tree bark

To read more details follow this link  Home Remedies For Eczema

Other effective Chinese  home remedies for eczema include various Chinese natural herbs mixed into freeze-dried powders which can be applied directly to the skin. Symptoms such as redness, itching and inflammation can immediately be alleviated with such treatments.

These are best sought from a Chinese Doctor or Herbalist in your area after a consultation.

Dr. David Atherton of Great Ormond Street Hospital in England recently conducted a study involving Chinese home remedies for eczema, and discovered dramatic improvements in the skin’s appearance when such methods were utilized.

Chinese home remedies for eczema are definitely a viable alternative to conventional treatments.

A consultation with a qualified practitioner of  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is advised for long term relief from eczema symptoms, but there are several natural remedies you can safely implement at home straight away… like removing skin irritants and allergy causing foods or adjusting environmental factors as listed under eczema causes …

Chinese High Blood Pressure Remedies

High Blood Pressure Remedies :

China has long been known for its successful use of  herbal medicine, diet and exercise for maintaining a healthy balance, they have isolated specific herbs for treating a variety of medical conditions. including high blood pressure.

Because of China’s physical size and diverse population, there is a vast range of medicinal herbs available to the Chinese Doctor and a wealth of documented medicinal knowledge throughout China – dating back to ancient times.

Chinese herbalists over the centuries – due to necessity – have  perfected natural treatments using herbs and animal parts as their treatment base.

Western Medicine has based many of its high blood pressure remedies and several other pharmaceuticals on Herbal Medicines and techniques practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A few years ago, it was discovered by the Chinese that kudzu was effective in lowering high blood pressure

In a study conducted in China:

52 people participated in a study using kudzu to help reduce  blood pressure. 17 of those people experienced a marked decline in blood pressure when using this high blood pressure treatment.

The treatment involved drinking tea with eight teaspoons of kudzu root included.

Kudzu is known to possess approximately 100 times the amount of antioxidant activity available in Vitamin E, which is vital in helping to prevent heart disease.

Hypertension :

What Causes Blood Pressure

Hypertension or being over weight can lead to high blood pressure, Chinese Doctors have found several herbs useful as a  natural high blood pressure remedies when used in combination.

  • Silver root
  • Chinese angelica root
  • Ma-Huang

These herbs have all been found to be effective in easing hypertension in some patients.

Natural Remedies For Blood Pressure

Herbs For High Blood Pressure Remedies:

It is normal as we age that we become more susceptible to high blood pressure… Chinese doctors have specifically developed herbal treatments for blood pressure in the older age group.

  • Chinese foxglove
  • Yam
  • Tree peony bark

These 3 herbal ingredients are used in a specific remedy called Rehmannia Eight Formula, which is well known to be effective in easing hypertension and kidney infections for older people.

As it is a Herbal blood pressure treatment there are no side effects.

While the Western medical community overall is very reticent to adopt these time tested natural high blood pressure remedies, Chinese herbalists  prescribe many of these natural remedies to help control blood pressure – and often with great success.

Chinese Doctors  believe wholeheartedly that their Chinese Herbal Remedies  can control high blood pressure more effectively and with less negative side effects than the more conventional modern medicines.

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