Pu-erh Chinese Tea A Herbal Tonic

Pu-erh Chinese TeaPu erh Tea :

In Yunnan Provence the ancient wild tea trees yielding Pu erh tea have been farmed for over 2,000 years,  this amazing heritage  of  tea production reflects centuries of  Chinese tea tradition not just in Yunnan but within  China as a country.

Pu erh tea is one of the more famous medicinal Chinese teas.

Named after the Provence of  Pu’er,  acknowledged as the home of  Pu erh Tea. Blessed with a mild climate, rich productive soil  – Yunnan is perfect for growing quality Chinese teas.

Pu erh tea is known as Yunnan Large Leaf  Tea, there are 199 species registered in Yunnan. Pu erh tea is often supplied as young loose leaf tea or compressed into bricks. (known as Tuocha Tea)

Traditionally these tea bricks were traded for the small but rugged  Tibetan horses, this trade was facilitated  via  the  Tea Horse Road in ancient times this was a long arduous, potentially  fatal journey for hardy Tea porters.

Following the snow bound trails, trudging slowly along the 14,000 miles of dangerous mountain trails  from China to Tibet the risk from the environment and hijacking a constant concern.

Pu erh Chinese Tea As A Herbal Tonic :

  • A natural alternative to weight loss drugs.
  • Proven to aid the removal of alcohol from your system.
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • Aids digestion – counters the effects of fatty foods.
  • Can prevent dysentery.
  • Promotes a healthy spleen.
  • A popular herbal tonic rich in history and tastes great too
  • Reduces blood pressure and the incidence of stroke

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Quality Pu erh Tea :

Like many fine wines the better quality Pu erh tea is often aged in controlled conditions to improve its flavor and character.

Even average quality Pu erh Chinese tea can be aged for 10 years or more – the lesser grades are consumed straight away.

Some of the finest Pu erh tea available today is around 20 years or older,  When stored well you can comfortably keep it  for  50 years or more its qualities and selling price increasing with each year it age’s further.

Purist  Tea drinkers feel  when it comes to aging Pu erh -  “The Longer The Better”

Pu erh Chinese Tea  As An Investment :

Authentic aged Pu erh teas are avidly sought after by collectors and investors world wide, both because of it’s uniqueness and the large profits to be made in trading quality Pu erh.

Care must be taken when buying expensive aged  Pu erh  tea to ensure against fake claims of age and origin, the surest way to authenticate a quality Pu erh is to have a reliable Tea Master taste it,

The finest quality Pu erh teas are hand picked from large wild tea trees – often these tea trees are hundreds of years old. Authentic organically grown  hand picked teas sell for several thousand  dollars per oz, once the tea is aged.

How To Store Pu erh Tea :

  • Store away from strong odors – Pu erh tea will absorb surrounding odors ruining the quality of the tea.
  • Leave the tea in the factory packaging if you wish to age the tea.
  • Allow good air flow.
  • 70 % humidity is ideal – don’t allow the tea to become damp.
  • Avoid sharp temperature fluctuations.

Pu erh Chinese tea is often mistaken for the lower status Black Tea – due to its dark color, Though  difficult to accurately classify it  is  more a Green Tea than any thing else.

To many connoisseurs of Pu erh only the large leaf variety of Tea grown in Yunnan Province  is entitled to the name  Pu erh Tea.

Another article on the… 7 flavors of Chinese Tea,  it outlines the  different varieties of Chinese Tea and medicinal uses, including its popular use in the West as a  Chinese slimming tea.


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