Chinese Remedies Using Oolong Tea

Chinese Tea

Oolong Tea :

One of the most popular  Chinese teas in the West is  Oolong  Tea, And for good reason it offers a beautiful diverse range of tea’s from very light flavored teas Tie guan yin to deep dark rich flavored like Da Hong Pao,  Oolong Tea has proven popular for centuries in China and surrounding countries including Tibet and Taiwan, the health benefits of Oolong tea are numerous and well documented a well as the flavours diverse and highly developed, if I had to choose to drink only style of tea it would be Oolong with out question.

It is  quite  recent that  Oolong tea has become known in the West, though we are fast becoming aware of the myriad of the health benefits from drinking Oolong as well as the many other varieties of Chinese Tea.

Like several types of  Chinese tea;  Oolong Tea is  known to help alleviate various health issues including  persistent skin problems, Oolong tea is also proving popular and effective as a Chinese Weight Loss Tea and general health tonic,

In China;  Chinese Tea in its many forms is seen as an integral part of Chinese Medicine and for centuries Tea has played an important part in the lives of every Chinese Adult…In China inviting someone to “Drink Tea” is a polite way of organizing an informal meeting to discuss important or not so important issues. Tea can provide the neutral ground to sort out serious problems, or just a great excuse to stop work and enjoy the company of  friends.

Tea is the traditional drink offered at every meal in China — not solely because of teas long history within China or teas pleasant taste,  but also Chinese tea is well known as  metabolism conditioner and Oolong has become popular as a  Weight Loss Tea, drinking tea with your meals will aid in digestion of rich or fatty foods, by speeding up your metabolism;

This ability of the many types of Chinese Tea including Oolong tea to increase your metabolism and aid in the processing of fatty foods has  lead to Chinese tea being named a Weight Loss Tea by many in the West.

Though for you to gain any dieting benefit from Chinese Tea you should first review your eating and exercise habits in tandem as well as  introducing Oolong tea into your daily diet, These adjustments to your diet and exercise are the key to gaining health or weight loss benefits from Oolong Tea,  rather than blindly viewing,  Chinese Tea as a miracle cure from ancient China ? Chinese Tea should be viewed as just a small part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Improved health is only one of the primary justifications behind the consumption of Oolong green tea, While most Chinese would consider drinking tea a social occasion – a basic tradition.

In the West our main motivation is to enjoy the health benefits of Oolong tea. Additionally, Chinese tea is prepared and used in multiple ways. This article will review a couple of these Chinese remedies.

Oolong Tea :

One of the situations that calls for the use of Oolong tea as a natural remedy is to control or prevent a persistent  acne condition.

Acne is at the forefront of skin issues today on all corners of the globe, and there is an increasing desire to move away from harsh chemical acne cures and where ever possible use a more natural holistic approach  to cure your acne problem.

Oolong green tea is an excellent natural treatment that offers credible results for someone who has acne issues.

Acne Treatment Using Oolong Tea, Skin Care :

Oolong tea contains astringent properties. By infusing the tea as you normally would and washing it over your face thoroughly, this eliminates and kills off many of the toxins and bacterial areas that induce acne.

You would also be wise to  also drink oolong green tea on a daily basis to cultivate this effect long term. Oolong tea,  thanks to its minimal processing once picked, ensures Oolong tea is extraordinarily rich in antioxidants  these  antioxidants target free radicals in the bloodstream which makes Chinese Tea an excellent preventative medicine, as well as preventing acne Oolong tea can also be used to help remedy skin issues like… dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other persistent skin problems.

Many people  swear by Oolong green tea’s ability to cure lifelong skin conditions that all matters of prescribed medications could not.

Oolong Tea And Polyphenols :

Polyphenols have two functions…

1) encourages the activity of enzymes.

2) removes free radicals.

Free radicals, are a bi-product of our environmental conditions, when combined in your body they accelerate the aging of your skin, without effective control – in the form of introducing polyphenols, unsightly skin damage will occur, normally showing in the form of dark spots and premature wrinkles.

Free Radicals Damage Your Skin :

What is the source of Free Radicals ?…

1) exposure to sunlight.

2) cigarette smoke.

3) excessive exercise.

4) stress.

5) food additives.

Science has confirmed the effectiveness of the polyphenols in Oolong tea.

Oolong Tea, Weight Loss.

As we mentioned previously Oolong tea can also aid in Chinese Weight Loss. Many people today are becoming  increasingly wary of all the latest weight loss fads. This is due in part to the fact that most of these “weight loss cures” turn out to be worthless or in many cases are more damaging to the body than helpful.

Oolong Tea…  is not a wonder drug or miracle cure,  it will not have you dropping twenty pounds in two weeks… but this pleasant tasting Chinese tea will definitely lend a solid contribution to the elimination of heavy metals and toxins from your body, improving your overall health, It is proven to be an excellent skin cleanser, while at the same time aid in controlling your weight by speeding up your metabolism and naturally  burning off unwanted fat cells.

Natural Remedies For Acne Using Chinese Remedies

Traditional Chinese MedicineAcne Remedies

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are some significant differences found between the natural remedies for acne when comparing them to modern Western medicine. Namely, there is a prominent spiritual connection found in Chinese doctrines involved in the process of diagnosing and treating health issues.

Chinese Medicine

The only prescribed medications in Chinese medicine used in acne remedies are the natural resources that can be obtained directly from the environment. These include such sources as minerals, plants and certain animal proteins. A variety of these substances are employed in the treatment of skin disorders and other inflammatory conditions. The skin problem that this article delves into specifically is acne.

Acne is deemed to be a problem that connects directly to a pathogenic conflict of two elements: “Dampness” and “Heat”. Similar to the Western point of view on the causes of acne the Chinese believe that an Acne problem can be an immediate response to a hormonal imbalance, physical and mental stress, insufficient sleep or a poor diet and working too much. In Chinese Medicine this is considered an excess of Yang energy. Dampness is the result of excess water being circulated throughout the body. This is considered an excess of Yin energy. Poor emotional health is particularly responsible for acne troubles.

Natural Remedies For Acne

The aim of these Chinese natural remedies for acne is to balance out the Yin and Yang aspects in a person’s body when there is a clear imbalance, this balance is brought about by way of using a natural acne treatment. There are foods that have been categorized in such a way in that they either correspond to the Yin, Yang or Neutral groups.

Healing Foods or Food Therapy

Utilizing Food Therapy to treat acne (as well as other skin conditions ) is just one of the natural remedies for acne. The foods you eat will be largely contingent upon the cause of your acne and whether that cause is derived from an imbalance of Yang or Yin energies in the body. Aside from the foods you eat, there are other natural acne cures that can be used to help the healing process along. Food therapy is also proving popular as an anti aging skin care therapy.

Acupuncture to Treat Acne

Acupuncture is one of the natural remedies for acne being used with success today. Then there are Chinese herbal remedies, which are far more commonplace.

Chinese tea such as Oolong tea, a tea rich in antioxidants and is proven as a natural skin care solution, especially for acne, Oolong tea can taken either  internally or used as an antibacterial face wash, and Herbs are also used in natural remedies for acne can be used as a medicinal compound that you apply to the skin, or they can be worked with in such a way as to make them an edible concoction.