Chinese Remedies Using Black Tea

Pu-erh Tea

Black Tea is a fully-fermented tea that fits into the Dark Tea category of Chinese Tea.

In China it is more commonly known as Red Tea due to the beautiful deep red color of the tea liquid.

Black Tea offers several health benefits to the regular drinker though due to the fact is under goes 100% fermentation its health benefits differ from Green Tea or Oolong Tea – The main benefit from Black Tea is heart health.

Black Tea is one the 6  tea types from China and one of the most important with a long history of use and production throughout China.

The importance of Tea and Tea Culture throughout China cannot be over stated… if you were to undertake an in-depth study of   Chinese tea the study would take you to the center of Chinese cultural values… There are many in China who believe… ” Tea Is Life “

Tea as a gift is very important gesture, it is often gifted to new family members or business contacts… to give someone a gift of  tea is to – wish them a long happy life.

Black Tea in particular offers a very distinct personality when compared to other teas.

Black Tea Classification

One of the more well-known characteristics of Quality black tea is that, as it ages over time, the tea’s flavors, scent and consistency is accentuated and becomes more pronounced.

In other words, when full leaf  Black Tea is stored correctly, the better it will taste, this depends on the quality of the tea you are aging of course.

Tea connoisseurs or those first learning about Chinese Tea often compare the tasting and appreciation of  Chinese tea to the likes of sampling or collecting fine wine.

Like wine, the qualities that  the tea inherits is dependent on where the  tea  is grown, the main influences are :

  • soil
  • altitude
  • humidity
  • rainfall
  • soil structure…
  • season it is picked – Spring is considered the best time to produce great tea

all of these  criteria influence in a small but noticeable way the  taste of Chinese Tea…

Many tea experts can recognize the flavor and scent that is unique to the region the tea is grown and the methods used to process it.

Black Tea Benefits :

Black Tea alone should not be expected to cure all the health problems in the above list,  but when used on a daily basis as it is used in China – Black Tea  has been found to relieve many health issues – Black Tea can be a  great alternative to many store brought medicines.

Black Tea like many natural remedies should be seen as preventative medicine – not an instant cure all – but a very nice tea to drink, that will compliment your current health care.

Black Tea Remedies :

One common remedy involving Black Tea is to use it as an astringent for acne. It is used to rinse your face rather than washing with harsh soaps or chemicals, Black Tea will help retain your natural oils while washing away bacteria that lead to acne.

Black Tea is also used in administering to dry or cracked lips. The black tea actually helps the skin to retain its moisture without becoming dried.  This is accomplished by placing a lukewarm Black Tea bag to the lips and allowing it to sit there for up to ten minutes.

Another lesser known Black Tea remedy is for sunburn, Strong Black Tea that you have allowed to cool is combined with warm bath water the person with sunburn then soak themselves in the bath tub for up to 15 minutes, this will ease most of the pain from sunburn -  at least offer temporary relief.

In a recent Australian study Black Tea was proven to be a natural remedy for blood pressure and shown to improve blood circulation and reduce high blood pressure by several points – Black tea is known to reduce the  incidents of strokes.

Chinese Remedies For Nausea

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Remedies For Nausea :

Nausea comes in many degrees of severity and  can be a symptom of various conditions most of which are  non serious conditions and respond well to natural remedies for nausea

Long term nausea can be debilitating and affect your quality of life.

Nausea could be defined as “feeling that you are about  to vomit” often this feeling will pass with out you  being physically sick.

Though care must be taken if you do vomit due to the risk of dehydration, this risk especially applies to small children.

As there are many causes of nausea it is often difficult to establish a definite cause… the less serious conditions that can cause nausea are :

  • food poisoning
  • prescribed medications (side effects)
  • morning sickness
  • vertigo
  • motion sickness
  • stress


Remedies For Nausea : one of the best remedies  I have used countless times to good effect is ginger tea

Ginger Tea Recipe :

  • fresh ginger root ( about 1 inch long…sliced into strips )
  • brown sugar – 2 desert spoons ( must be brown sugar )
  • 4 cups of water

Lightly Boil the water with sliced ginger and brown sugar for about 20 minutes with the saucepan lid on – stirring occasionally.
Then let it sit until it is at a drinkable temperature.

You can reheat the mixture through out the day as you needed.

This Chinese remedy is  one of the simplest to produce but also one of the most effective remedies for nausea you will find
The ingredients are easily sourced from your local supermarket and it is quick and easy to  make at home…

This is one of the natural remedies our family uses often…whenever someone is even a little unwell

As well as nausea,  ginger tea is also an effective home remedy for treating :

  • sore throats
  • flu symptoms
  • common colds

If your nausea symptoms persist as a precaution I would advise you to  visit your family doctor to eliminate the possibility of a serious  condition being the cause of your nausea.

If you have recently suffered a head injury then nausea can be an indicator of a serious underlying condition – nausea remedies will not cure this form of nausea … Seek medical help.

Herbal Sleep Remedies

Herbal TeaHerbal Sleep Remedies :

There are so many varieties of commercial sleep aids available on the market that it will keep you awake just trying to decide… Which one is safe and which one works the best?

Over the counter pills and the pills prescribed by your physician are bountiful in nature, and many of them do work to varying degrees, though they also have various  side effects.

However, there a number of proven  herbal sleep remedies that are not only just as effective, if not more so, they come with little or no side effects at all.

In many cases, a lack of sleep is caused by external issues that affect our lives.

Added stress to our daily lives breaks down our bodies’ ability to recuperate quickly, and this can disrupt normal sleep patterns.

Our bodies need quality sleep in order to stay fit and healthy

Using herbal sleep remedies will help you to restore your body’s energy levels.

Chamomile Tea :

One of the common herbal sleep remedies is chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea has specific herbs that help in treating insomnia, and also works to soothe and calm your body before going to bed.

Milk :

Another of the more simple home remedies for insomnia is a glass of warm milk and honey. Warm milk has been promoted as a sleep aid for so long it is almost a cliche but it still works…

This is a method that has been used for centuries and has proven effective in inducing sleep for many people.

Lavender :

Another of the herbal sleep remedies that has been proven effective is lavender.

Lavender is quite often used as an herb that has properties similar to an anti-depressant as lavender works to calm our body’s central nervous system.

Mixing lavender with mint tea is an effective drink to take before going to sleep.

Lemon Balm Tea :

Another of the herbal sleep remedies that has shown great success in curing insomnia is lemon balm tea.

Lemon balm is actually a stimulant.

While the word stimulate indicates that it works more to energize rather than calm you down, in the case of lemon balm it acts to stimulate nerve endings which work to relax your body, and produce a long period of sleep.

These herbal sleep remedies are easy to make at home you could perhaps grow your own Chamomile or Lavender flowers to ensure you have fresh organic ingredients.

And of course all of these  herbal sleep remedies mentioned have no side effects at all, making them much safer alternatives for the more conventional pharmaceutical based sleep aids.

Herbal Skin Care Solutions

Traditional Chinese RemediesHerbal Skin Care :

The methods employed by conventional treatments to restore aging skin is a profitable business for surgeons and pharmaceutical companies.

However, many of the treatment programs come with side effects, and in some cases do  more harm than good.

However there are a number of home remedies offering natural herbal skin care solutions that are much safer and are gentle on your skin and bank balance

It’s important to be aware of the commercial “natural” herbal skin care products that are offered on the open marketplace.
While many herbal skin care products may be advertised as herbal, they may just smell like they are herbal in nature, as some of the products will just use a hint of oils to make it “smell” more effective.

Making your own  home remedies from locally sourced herbs, essential oils and plants easily grown in your own garden (Aloe Vera) is a great way to ensure the quality of the product.

Herbal skin care solutions that include the use of lavender and rosemary oils are highly effective in restoring overall skin health.

These products can be used in facial scrubs before going to bed.

When mixed with:

  • dried rose petals
  • sea salt
  • aloe Vera juice

they can be ground in a food processor to produce a scrub that can be applied to your skin.

The scrub can be applied as paste and left on the skin for several minutes. After a few minutes, simply rinse off with warm water.

Lemon juice is also a proven herbal skin care remedy – Lemon juice can be mixed with milk, and gently massaged into your face and body.

Lemon juice in rich in Vitamin C, which is a natural nutrient designed to restore moisture and increase skin elasticity.

When combined with milk, it also acts as a natural “bleach” for your skin, washing away harmful skin bacteria.

Using Aloe Vera as an herbal skin care solution is one of the most common and effective skin treatment options used. Aloe Vera has natural restorative qualities that provide deep skin moisturizing.

Aloe Vera is a plant that can be easily grown  at home, and can be sliced to produce the gel inside that is used for application to your skin.

All of these herbal skin care solutions are easy to make and apply when used in conjunction with a balanced diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables as well as quality sleep, relaxation and exercise, will ensure that your  skin looks natural and healthy without the need for expensive skin care products.