Herbal Sleep Remedies

Herbal TeaHerbal Sleep Remedies :

There are so many varieties of commercial sleep aids available on the market that it will keep you awake just trying to decide… Which one is safe and which one works the best?

Over the counter pills and the pills prescribed by your physician are bountiful in nature, and many of them do work to varying degrees, though they also have various  side effects.

However, there a number of proven  herbal sleep remedies that are not only just as effective, if not more so, they come with little or no side effects at all.

In many cases, a lack of sleep is caused by external issues that affect our lives.

Added stress to our daily lives breaks down our bodies’ ability to recuperate quickly, and this can disrupt normal sleep patterns.

Our bodies need quality sleep in order to stay fit and healthy

Using herbal sleep remedies will help you to restore your body’s energy levels.

Chamomile Tea :

One of the common herbal sleep remedies is chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea has specific herbs that help in treating insomnia, and also works to soothe and calm your body before going to bed.

Milk :

Another of the more simple home remedies for insomnia is a glass of warm milk and honey. Warm milk has been promoted as a sleep aid for so long it is almost a cliche but it still works…

This is a method that has been used for centuries and has proven effective in inducing sleep for many people.

Lavender :

Another of the herbal sleep remedies that has been proven effective is lavender.

Lavender is quite often used as an herb that has properties similar to an anti-depressant as lavender works to calm our body’s central nervous system.

Mixing lavender with mint tea is an effective drink to take before going to sleep.

Lemon Balm Tea :

Another of the herbal sleep remedies that has shown great success in curing insomnia is lemon balm tea.

Lemon balm is actually a stimulant.

While the word stimulate indicates that it works more to energize rather than calm you down, in the case of lemon balm it acts to stimulate nerve endings which work to relax your body, and produce a long period of sleep.

These herbal sleep remedies are easy to make at home you could perhaps grow your own Chamomile or Lavender flowers to ensure you have fresh organic ingredients.

And of course all of these  herbal sleep remedies mentioned have no side effects at all, making them much safer alternatives for the more conventional pharmaceutical based sleep aids.

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