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Traditional Chinese RemediesHerbal Skin Care :

The methods employed by conventional treatments to restore aging skin is a profitable business for surgeons and pharmaceutical companies.

However, many of the treatment programs come with side effects, and in some cases do  more harm than good.

However there are a number of home remedies offering natural herbal skin care solutions that are much safer and are gentle on your skin and bank balance

It’s important to be aware of the commercial “natural” herbal skin care products that are offered on the open marketplace.
While many herbal skin care products may be advertised as herbal, they may just smell like they are herbal in nature, as some of the products will just use a hint of oils to make it “smell” more effective.

Making your own  home remedies from locally sourced herbs, essential oils and plants easily grown in your own garden (Aloe Vera) is a great way to ensure the quality of the product.

Herbal skin care solutions that include the use of lavender and rosemary oils are highly effective in restoring overall skin health.

These products can be used in facial scrubs before going to bed.

When mixed with:

  • dried rose petals
  • sea salt
  • aloe Vera juice

they can be ground in a food processor to produce a scrub that can be applied to your skin.

The scrub can be applied as paste and left on the skin for several minutes. After a few minutes, simply rinse off with warm water.

Lemon juice is also a proven herbal skin care remedy – Lemon juice can be mixed with milk, and gently massaged into your face and body.

Lemon juice in rich in Vitamin C, which is a natural nutrient designed to restore moisture and increase skin elasticity.

When combined with milk, it also acts as a natural “bleach” for your skin, washing away harmful skin bacteria.

Using Aloe Vera as an herbal skin care solution is one of the most common and effective skin treatment options used. Aloe Vera has natural restorative qualities that provide deep skin moisturizing.

Aloe Vera is a plant that can be easily grown  at home, and can be sliced to produce the gel inside that is used for application to your skin.

All of these herbal skin care solutions are easy to make and apply when used in conjunction with a balanced diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables as well as quality sleep, relaxation and exercise, will ensure that your  skin looks natural and healthy without the need for expensive skin care products.

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