Foods For High Blood Pressure


Food TherapyNatural Remedies Using Foods For High Blood Pressure :

Where Are What We Eat… is this a tired cliche or ageless wisdom ?

My grandmother used this truism often when I was growing up, normally when I was resisting eating her home grown vegetables.

We live at a faster pace now with very little time for growing our own vegetables – home cooked or otherwise, the modern world is over-run with advertising promoting the latest fast food fade.

With our busy lives, fast food or processed foods are often the easy options as we all have less time to prepare our own meals, this makes it difficult to prepare healthy foods for high blood pressure.

When we fail to take time to look after our own needs this is when our health begins  to decline and in some cases our blood pressure increases

The basis of  food therapy is to learn which of the many food combinations work best together, also an important part of food therapy is combining the correct foods for treating or better still preventing high blood pressure or any other ailment we are susceptible too.

But it is quite important to put aside the time to cook healthy well-balanced meals, This is just as crucial as learning which combination of foods will give  the maximum food value

Foods That Reduce Blood Pressure…

  • Nuts : walnuts
  • Garlic
  • Home Grown or Organic Vegetables : celery
  • Fish Oil :
  • Chinese Tea : Oolong Tea, Pu-erh or black tea
  • Fish : oily fish

To successfully treat high blood pressure and prevent its return you need to be aware of the common causes of high blood pressure, not all causes of high blood pressure are foods,  but here is a list of foods and lifestyle activities to avoid…

Foods That cause High Blood Pressure…

  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Fatty foods high in protein
  • Processed foods
  • No exercise
  • To much stress

Learning about food therapy to identify beneficial foods for high blood pressure is an excellent first step in beginning your  natural treatment for high blood pressure.

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When you combine food therapy with light exercise and make lifestyle changes where they are needed you will be well on your way to preventing or reducing your high blood pressure, and improving your overall health.

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