What Causes Blood Pressure

Traditional Chinese Medicine

High Blood Pressure Causes :

The Traditional Western  Medical fraternity have many and varied opinions  on what causes blood pressure.

It seems to be quite difficult for doctors to narrow down a single cause or treatment for any one  individual,  so often the conventional treatment of high blood pressure entails several forms of drug treatment.

There are the two main reasons that  drove me to seek out alternative medicines to control my own blood pressure problem.

Once started  these drug treatments are in place for life.

All of these conventional medical treatments for blood pressure come with debilitating side effects.

Natural Remedies To Lower Blood Pressure :

The first step for lowering blood pressure in a holistic manner is to identify  what typically causes blood pressure in the majority of  people.

When you recognize any of these blood pressure causes in your lifestyle you would be wise to make the needed lifestyle adjustments, as well as  put in place natural remedies to lower blood pressure.

The bonus with employing these tried and tested methods of  natural remedies for blood pressure, is that; as well as being a side effect free blood pressure treatment, the lifestyle changes you will implement into your daily routine for lowering blood pressure  will almost certainly improve your general health over all.

With these lifestyle changes both your physical and physiological well being will show a marked improvement.

What Causes High Blood Pressure :

  • Smoking; cut back or give up smoking
  • Diet a high salt or sodium intake;
  • Excessive alcohol; one drink a day is OK, any more then you are most likely doing harm
  • Excess Weight;
  • Sedentary Lifestyle; find an exercise you enjoy, if you enjoy the exercise you are more likely to stick to the necessary routine of  20 minutes or more of exercise per day (a dog is great you have to exercise them, this gets you into the exercise routine)
  • Over working;
  • Stress; Implementing most of the above lifestyle changes will certainly reduce your stress and improve your health
  • Increase in age;
  • Genetics;

While the  cause’s of high blood pressure are varied.

Only the last two of the listed blood pressure causes are unavoidable – increase in age and genetics.

All the other listed causes of blood pressure are under your control and with lifestyle and diet changes it is possible to safely control blood pressure without drugs.

Treatment Of High Blood Pressure :

  • Lifestyle Changes; exercise more, reduce stress, work less,
  • Diet; eat more fruit, nuts, vegetables…(celery)  Eat Less saturated fat, sugar, salt or processed foods
  • Stop Smoking;
  • Reduce Weight;
  • Natural remedies for blood pressure;
  • Food Therapy; as used in Chinese Medicine
  • Garlic; garlic is a natural blood thinner similar to Aspirin,  if you are using prescribed blood thinners use garlic with care and consult your doctor first
  • Fish Oil; an excellent supplement to maintain a healthy Heart
  • Hawthorn; is great for improving circulation, it is possible to find high strength Garlic pills with Hawthorn added, these are ideal
  • Olive Oil; reduces the risk of stroke
  • Apple Cider Vinegar; helps to adjust your bodies PH to alkaline instead of acid… very important for controlling blood pressure and ongoing long term good health
  • Chinese Tea, Both Black or Green Tea are good for your heart and circulation, studies have proven Chinese tea helps to prevent stroke

Control High Blood Pressure :

Natural remedies for blood pressure should  not be viewed as  a quick fix.

You should not begin to use natural remedies then suddenly stop taking your prescribed medicines you are currently taking for high blood pressure.

Under the guidance of your doctor you may be able to gradually reduce and work towards  eliminating all  prescription drugs for blood pressure.

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It will take time  and a moderate level of commitment from you to implement and achieve your goal.

To control high blood pressure by using natural remedies for blood pressure; but the general health improvements will be noticeable quite quickly, depending on the extent of the lifestyle changes needed.

Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure :

The search for safe time tested natural remedies is becoming more popular as we all recognize the need to take responsibility of our own health care.

Over the years many of us, (Including myself)  have become disillusioned by the harsh side effects and washed out feeling we inevitably inherit from taking prescribed pharmaceuticals.

We all look forward to utilizing a safer more holistic approach to  our health and our families health care.

There are many natural remedies to lower blood pressure, some are best sourced as prepared formulas through herbalists; such a qualified  Chinese Herbalist or you can take control of your own blood pressure treatment… 

There are also many herbs and blood pressure remedies you can easily purchase from your health shop or even your local Chinese super market.

Though many of the best natural remedies for blood pressure can be easily implemented by ourselves from products we may have in our home cupboards now, we just need to learn to recognize the benefits of each food group.

And of course you will never find a more powerful natural remedy than diet changes combined with  lifestyle changes… leading to a balanced mind and body which is at the very center of Chinese Medicine and any form of natural health care.

Improving Your Diet Helps To Control Blood Pressure :

Lowering your intake of protein and saturated fats as found in dairy products and red meat is an important step in improving your families overall health as well as the key to lowering your blood pressure naturally.

Replace these foods with healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Use low fat milk products or remove dairy from your day to day diet.

Eat smaller portions of meat and include more fresh fish into your diet.

These are all simple sensible  steps which will lead to a healthier lifestyle and  help control blood pressure.

Cut back on foods and drinks with a high sugar content.

Avoid adding salt to your food(unless it is natural sea salt) and reduce the amount of processed foods you eat.

If your normal diet consists of foods that travel to you in a can, wrapped  in plastic or packaged in cardboard it will almost certainly have unhealthy amounts of flavor enhancers, sugar, salt or sodium added.

All these additives should be avoided or their intake reduced to a minimum whenever possible.

Instead to improve your Blood Pressure Readings increase your intake of Blood Pressure Lowering Foods…

Blood Pressure Lowering Foods :

  • Fish Oil;
  • Garlic;
  • Apple Cider Vinegar;
  • Vitamin Supplements;
  • Fruit and Vegetables;
  • Nuts and Grains
  • Poultry;
  • Fish;
  • Chinese Tea;
  • Celery;

As well as adding the above foods and herbs to your daily diet it is equally important that you avoid certain herbs and foods such as the list below as you strive to control  blood pressure.

  • Sodium;
  • Salt;
  • Licorice Herb;
  • Asian Ginseng;
  • Rosemary Essential oil;
  • Food Additives;

Also a helpful tool to control blood pressure is lifestyle changes.

Many of  these simple lifestyle changes are often the hardest of the natural remedies to implement.

But a lifestyle change will  often show the greatest benefit in lowering blood pressure – and reduce your need for debilitating drugs.

What Causes High Blood Pressure

There are many Natural Remedies For Blood Pressure available to you with out the need for employing harsh drugs.

It is a simple matter of taking control and researching the methods that suits you and your lifestyle the best, from this you learn how to lower blood pressure in a holistic manner.

This Knowledge once established puts the power of making  health care decisions back in your hands.

You will require a combination of  Diet, Natural Remedies, Lifestyle Changes to assist in Lowering Blood Pressure to a safe healthy level, also stay in touch with your doctor so they can advise you if needed and monitor your progress.

Natural Remedies For Acne Using Chinese Remedies

Traditional Chinese MedicineAcne Remedies

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are some significant differences found between the natural remedies for acne when comparing them to modern Western medicine. Namely, there is a prominent spiritual connection found in Chinese doctrines involved in the process of diagnosing and treating health issues.

Chinese Medicine

The only prescribed medications in Chinese medicine used in acne remedies are the natural resources that can be obtained directly from the environment. These include such sources as minerals, plants and certain animal proteins. A variety of these substances are employed in the treatment of skin disorders and other inflammatory conditions. The skin problem that this article delves into specifically is acne.

Acne is deemed to be a problem that connects directly to a pathogenic conflict of two elements: “Dampness” and “Heat”. Similar to the Western point of view on the causes of acne the Chinese believe that an Acne problem can be an immediate response to a hormonal imbalance, physical and mental stress, insufficient sleep or a poor diet and working too much. In Chinese Medicine this is considered an excess of Yang energy. Dampness is the result of excess water being circulated throughout the body. This is considered an excess of Yin energy. Poor emotional health is particularly responsible for acne troubles.

Natural Remedies For Acne

The aim of these Chinese natural remedies for acne is to balance out the Yin and Yang aspects in a person’s body when there is a clear imbalance, this balance is brought about by way of using a natural acne treatment. There are foods that have been categorized in such a way in that they either correspond to the Yin, Yang or Neutral groups.

Healing Foods or Food Therapy

Utilizing Food Therapy to treat acne (as well as other skin conditions ) is just one of the natural remedies for acne. The foods you eat will be largely contingent upon the cause of your acne and whether that cause is derived from an imbalance of Yang or Yin energies in the body. Aside from the foods you eat, there are other natural acne cures that can be used to help the healing process along. Food therapy is also proving popular as an anti aging skin care therapy.

Acupuncture to Treat Acne

Acupuncture is one of the natural remedies for acne being used with success today. Then there are Chinese herbal remedies, which are far more commonplace.

Chinese tea such as Oolong tea, a tea rich in antioxidants and is proven as a natural skin care solution, especially for acne, Oolong tea can taken either  internally or used as an antibacterial face wash, and Herbs are also used in natural remedies for acne can be used as a medicinal compound that you apply to the skin, or they can be worked with in such a way as to make them an edible concoction.

Anti Aging Skin Care Using Chinese Remedies

Traditional Chinese MedicineAt the center of traditional Chinese medicine’s principles, you will find that there is a firm belief in the inner beauty and harmony of the human soul. Therefore, it is only natural that the pursuit of healing (and preventing) wrinkled and anti aging skin care in Chinese culture is of a holistic nature.

One major difference between the Eastern and Western cultures is that there are not so many cosmetic and medical treatments used in China as there are in the West. The diagnosis and treatment of skin care issues using Chinese remedies is completely different. It often leaves many Westerners feeling amiss or confused on how things work.

Anti Aging Treatments

Chinese doctrines typically involve a more personal and organ-centered approach, where as Western practices rely heavily on scientific evaluations. Western doctors will not typically involve the patient on a personal level.

A Western patient might expect their doctor to offer an antibiotic cream or acid-based product as an anti aging treatment for their wrinkles

However, traditional Chinese practitioners focus on discerning an actual internal source that triggers the problem. A patient may be offered an introduction to food therapy or herb-derived tonic that boosts blood circulation and nourishes the body in order to ensure that they remain healthier and have more vitality over the years. Tonics taken as herbal teas have been used in natural Chinese anti aging treatments for thousands of years.

Oolong Tea Skin Care

Oolong tea is rich in Polyphenols which target and remove free radicals from your blood stream. Free radicals, are a bi-product of our environment once  they build up to a critical mass in our bodies  they accelerate the aging process including premature aging of your skin, without effective control – in the form of introducing polyphenols, unsightly skin damage will occur, normally showing in the form of dark spots and wrinkles.

Natural solutions to such problems as aging or wrinkling can be found in cultivating a balance of,  healthy diet, exercise and reducing stress on both the physical and mental levels. Any imbalance is considered to be an excess presence of Yin or Yang energy.

Instead of attempting to stop aging or wrinkling with medication, Chinese practitioners focus on accentuating and heightening the patient’s health by guiding them through a learning process on how to maintain a properly balanced lifestyle. Undergoing this process ensures that the patient has a perfect blend of Yin and Yang energies present in their bodies.

Anti Aging Tips

Anti aging tips that are often given to patients include leading a happy, fulfilling lifestyle and living each day to its fullest potential. Additional anti aging tips include sleeping correctly, stretching, exercising, eating right and reducing unnecessary stress. adopting super-foods into your diet, used as as food cures will alleviate many problems that can lead to premature aging including the black spots or facial wrinkles that are a concern to so many people.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is an incredibly fascinating subject, it is based on common sense practical theory and is largely a preventative medicine that has stood the test of time… though  for people in the West Chinese medicine is often cloaked in mystery and mythology and has suffered badly from over hyped claims of its effectiveness

This has on occasion led to unrealistic expectations from people desperate for a cure or quick fix to their own entrenched health problems, we as patients often fail to take into account that Chinese Medicine  is largely a practical holistic form of natural health care that requires time to be effective and to re-establish a balance in your bodies systems,  plus long term active participation by the patient is needed to gain full benefit from each form of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine is not a quick fix, it is a slow but steady process of energy adjustment.

Some of the most commonly recognized areas of traditional Chinese Medicine include… Tui Na Massage, Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture or Cupping (acupuncture dates back to the Shang Dynasty) Aromatherapy Incense and Food Therapy.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

All of these practices tie into a single common model for ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine, and that model is the natural balancing your bodies systems which includes balancing the energies of Yin and Yang so they work in harmony. When your bodies systems are in balance you have a far greater resistance or immunity to disease and illness.  This concept is also known through other names, such as Qigong and taijiquan or the “Five Elements”.

However, all of these terms define the same common law of balanced living.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was only very recently documented into a universal system; this  occurred just 70 years ago under the direct jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China.

Ancient Chinese Medicine

This form of ancient Chinese medicine provides a name and purpose for every organ of the human body, as well as channels or meridians  along which the energies flow and nourish our internal organs, when this flow of energy is disrupted or blocked we become tired and sick. Every aspect to traditional Chinese medicine is centered upon the balance of these energies in the body and how to retain them or re-establish them when balance is lost. It is said that imbalance of either the Yin or Yang energies are revealed directly through the type of  illnesses in the body and how it is affecting specific organs

Curing these illnesses is accomplished by way of thorough assessment and diagnosis by a certified practitioner. This process involves the practitioner and patient discussing all perceived health issues. Once the practitioner has pinpointed the source of an individual’s problem (which can be anything like acne, a minor headache, cancer or even mental disorder), then the patient can move forward to the process of treating their condition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In China, traditional medicine has been in practice for thousands of years. In fact, the Chinese consider it to be more than just offering a cure for illness. Ancient Chinese medicine is regarded as a way of life, a form of balanced healthy living.

Traditional Chinese medicine offers its own holistic solutions in all areas of life, including aspects to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. At its core, traditional Chinese medicine is made up of various cultural and philosophical beliefs that mostly abstain from scientific measure or models.

In some cases this has lead to credibility problems among western doctors who due to their upbringing and training expect every treatment to be scientifically proven and measured in an explainable way. they make no allowances for the fact it s not always possible or necessary to measure every result… if the positive results have been proven over time…

On a recent trip to China I consulted with a Chinese Doctor regarding a recurring neck problem, after showing me what I had to do to improve and eventually cure the problem … His parting words of wisdom were ” there are three simple key ingredients for good health”

  1. Good Sleep, sleep on your side with the lower leg straight and upper leg pulled up towards your chest, this ensures your spin is supported and allows your muscles to totally relax as you sleep.
  2. Good Diet, a low protein diet is best.
  3. Exercise, Tai Chi or Yoga they both improve posture plus  muscle and breath fitness

Sounds so simple and realistic it is almost certain to work… Putting sound advice like his into practice in the busy world we live in is often is our number one handicap to maintaining good health!

So instead of taking responsibly for our own decisions and health care many of us  go in search of unrealistic  quick fixes in the form of pharmaceuticals, which often create more problems, It should be noted that Chinese medicine takes time to work and for some it entails a dramatic change of lifestyle and diet, but once in place Chinese medicine is a reliable and well researched form preventative health care.

Chinese Remedies For Nausea

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Remedies For Nausea :

Nausea comes in many degrees of severity and  can be a symptom of various conditions most of which are  non serious conditions and respond well to natural remedies for nausea

Long term nausea can be debilitating and affect your quality of life.

Nausea could be defined as “feeling that you are about  to vomit” often this feeling will pass with out you  being physically sick.

Though care must be taken if you do vomit due to the risk of dehydration, this risk especially applies to small children.

As there are many causes of nausea it is often difficult to establish a definite cause… the less serious conditions that can cause nausea are :

  • food poisoning
  • prescribed medications (side effects)
  • morning sickness
  • vertigo
  • motion sickness
  • stress


Remedies For Nausea : one of the best remedies  I have used countless times to good effect is ginger tea

Ginger Tea Recipe :

  • fresh ginger root ( about 1 inch long…sliced into strips )
  • brown sugar – 2 desert spoons ( must be brown sugar )
  • 4 cups of water

Lightly Boil the water with sliced ginger and brown sugar for about 20 minutes with the saucepan lid on – stirring occasionally.
Then let it sit until it is at a drinkable temperature.

You can reheat the mixture through out the day as you needed.

This Chinese remedy is  one of the simplest to produce but also one of the most effective remedies for nausea you will find
The ingredients are easily sourced from your local supermarket and it is quick and easy to  make at home…

This is one of the natural remedies our family uses often…whenever someone is even a little unwell

As well as nausea,  ginger tea is also an effective home remedy for treating :

  • sore throats
  • flu symptoms
  • common colds

If your nausea symptoms persist as a precaution I would advise you to  visit your family doctor to eliminate the possibility of a serious  condition being the cause of your nausea.

If you have recently suffered a head injury then nausea can be an indicator of a serious underlying condition – nausea remedies will not cure this form of nausea … Seek medical help.

Natural Health Products – As Safe Alternatives

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural Health Product.

As a rule, we would normally define natural health products as vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies and traditional Chinese herbal remedies…

All can be used as natural alternatives to conventional medicines in the prevention of illnesses and to promote good overall health.

Traditional Chinese Remedies in general were made with purely organic components.

This vital step removes the chemicals used in modern treatment methods that have been proven to be harmful to both the body and the environment.

The awareness and the demand for organic natural health products has increased dramatically year over year in the last decade or so.

It’s important to buy from a reliable supplier when shopping for natural health products, one that is recommended by friends or an alternative medicine professional is often a good guide.

Be aware that many advertisers will claim the authenticity of organic ingredients when in fact there are possibly no organic ingredients found in the products whatsoever.

The most important thing to learn when shopping for natural health products is to look at the label and become knowledgeable in the use of organics. If you can buy from a country with rigid rules on content labeling

Natural health products such as Chinese herbal remedies will help restore the body’s natural balance and ability to heal itself, the Chinese remedies themselves  will contain natural herbs that are proven to do just that.

Since modern medicine is dominated by pharmaceutical companies utilizing an almost limitless advertising budget tapping into the power of  advertising to promote their latest products, it’s extremely important to look past the hype and marketing claims when you research the many benefits of natural health products and the best way to use them.

Holistic products such as Chinese herbal remedies  have been used consistently for centuries used successfully to balance our bodies systems which leads to a healthy immune system.

The natural health products you purchase can be based solely on those specific Chinese herbal remedies.

One example is  Chinese Tea a simple Herbal Remedy and a great boost for your immune system as it is rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

Chinese Remedies can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, from osteoporosis to respiratory ailments to skin conditions. A comprehensive understanding of the use of herbs and spices will help significantly in determining the natural Chinese Remedies to use for those specific ailments.

The biggest advantage in using natural remedies is to realize natural remedies treat the underlying problem not just the symptoms, because of this and their mild nature any benefits you receive will take time, as your bodies systems adjust back to their natural balance, and good health.

Understanding the various uses of organics such as herbs, spices and natural oils will go a long way toward determining the natural health products that you can use to restore overall health and maintain a healthy immune system.

Consult with certified Acupuncturist or Herbalist who will work with you to provide the natural health products that are right for your needs.


Natural Alternative Medicine

Natural Alternative Medicine :

For centuries different cultures have developed  natural alternative medicine as a means of treating a variety of conditions.

As modern medicine has evolved, many of these treatments have been pushed to the side by doctors and physicians in favor of using more conventional medical techniques.

However alternative medicine is again growing in popularity.

The human body has a natural ability to heal itself through its own immune system.

For various reasons, and sometimes caused by external factors, the body’s immune system breaks down, making the body much more susceptible to disease.

Natural alternative medicine can be used to help revive the body’s natural restorative powers, and cleanse the body of unwanted toxins and bacteria.

One example of a natural alternative medicine is detoxifying agents. A number of different herbs are designed specifically to cleanse our systems by removing toxins and restoring natural vitamins and nutrients.

Much like flushing out a car radiator, natural alternative medicine flushes the body’s blood system by removing dangerous toxins and replacing with fresh vitamins and minerals.

Cayenne pepper is a great example of a natural alternative medicine. Cayenne pepper can be used to increase blood circulation and prevent heart disease.

Cayenne pepper can  be used during the course of a heart attack to improve blood flow immediately.

Lobelia is an herb used as a natural alternative medicine for use in helping to calm the nervous system and reduce over stimulation of muscles.

More recently, lobelia has been used as a natural alternative medicine for treatment of smoking cessation.

Echinacea is another natural alternative medicine used to restore the body’s natural defenses.

Echinacea contains a combination of cayenne pepper, garlic and other natural herbs to increase the amount of  T-cells in the body.

Echinacea has been proven effective in treatment of enlarged prostates, and has shown promise in its use to boost the body’s lymphatic functions.

Natural alternative medicine is effective for use in a variety of conditions and ailments, however it’s important to consult with your primary healthcare provider to determine the exact type of treatment that will best deal with your medical condition.

Quit Smoking Naturally – Using Acupuncture

Acupuncture To Quit Smoking Naturally :

More and more people are willing to try both conventional or natural methods  in an attempt to put out their cigarette and quit smoking for good.

Though the same questions come up constantly when discussing the various methods used to give up smoking.

The two most common questions we get asked is how to quit smoking naturally and what are the actual success rates.

While gums, pills and patches are heavily promoted through television and radio ads, very little is spoken about natural methods so few people are  aware of the possible benefits of using acupuncture to quit smoking.

What is Acupuncture :

As a brief background, acupuncture is a medical practice that has been used by the Chinese for centuries, and in recent years acupuncture has gained acceptance with western medical practitioners, acupuncture is now used in many western countries to aid the treatment of various ailments – including addictions like smoking or to aid weight loss.

Acupuncture involves placing very fine needles into different parts of the body known to exert pressure on and stimulate meridians that produce different flows of energy in order to combat and help heal medical issues.

Using acupuncture to quit smoking follows this same methodology.

Acupuncture is a painless and blood free process the disposable needles used are very fine, so the most you will feel is a slightly heavy sensation in the acupuncture point the needle is inserted into

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In a western sense the stimulation that the needles provide to acupuncture points is  known to increase or decrease the body’s flow of endorphins.

Endorphins is a brain chemical that produces pain relief and pleasure.

The selective placement of acupuncture needles – aims to block the  “pleasure response” from tobacco – making it easier to quit the smoking addiction.

Using acupuncture as a method  to quit smoking naturally, also helps to relieve the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that are associated with giving up smoking.

How To Quit Smoking Naturally:

Acupuncturists recommend at least two treatments, while other patients may need to return for several followup appointments.

There are some interesting followup procedures that are practiced by some specialists as well.

When using acupuncture to quit smoking, some acupuncturists may also utilize magnetic balls on acupressure points on the patients ears to stimulate the treatment.

Acupuncturists believe that if a patient gets a craving for a cigarette, they can simply use two fingers to apply pressure to  the magnetic balls one way or the other to ease the cigarette craving.

Quit Smoking – Statistics :

Statistics can be quite varied when it comes to the success rate of using acupuncture to quit smoking.

Though some experts have the success rate  as high as 40 percent.

The study that showed a 40 percent success rate also had acupuncture combined with counseling in order for the treatment to be truly effective.

National Acupuncture Detox Association :

The most recent “Quit Smoking”  method is being offered by the National Acupuncture Detox Association.

Which proposes using acupuncture to quit smoking naturally by auricular ear acupuncture

The technique involves  placing needles on specific points on the ear to stimulate the correct meridians to ease your smoking compulsion.

They recommend two to three acupuncture treatments per week for three weeks.

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Chinese Ginseng – Health Benefits

Traditional Chinese Remedies

Chinese Ginseng :

Used in ancient and modern Chinese Medicine.

Chinese ginseng has long been a revered herb in terms of its effectiveness and many uses  in traditional Chinese remedies.

It is documented that in ancient China, wars were  fought between competing  Chinese regions in order to gain control over the territories where ginseng was naturally growing and found in abundance.

Chinese ginseng offers you a great number of therapeutic qualities and benefits, and as an Chinese herbal Medicine has  been freely embraced by Western communities as a proven and safe alternative form of medicine.
Health Benefits Of Chinese Ginseng :

  • improves circulation
  • is an antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • can be used to treat type 2 diabetes
  • boosts male  sex drive
  • fights :  stress,  fatigue and anxiety
  • promotes a healthy liver
  • boosts your immune system
  • no major side effects

While Chinese ginseng has a variety of uses to treat various conditions.

Its most beneficial use for most people is as stress inhibitor.

Chinese ginseng is known to help boost activity in brain cells that are responsible for maintaining healthy coping skills. Many people who are faced with stressful situations such as taking an exam or dealing with a high pressure job use Chinese ginseng as a stimulant.

Preparing Chinese Ginseng :

Chinese ginseng is now cultivated in many parts of the world.

It thrives best and grows healthier when planted in soil rich, moist and well drained.

A normal Chinese ginseng plant takes four years to mature, and is normally  harvested in the fall months. After being harvested, Chinese ginseng is then washed and steamed, and later dried and stored for use in the marketplace.

Chinese Ginseng, Research:

Over the years, many countries have conducted exhaustive research in the overall beneficial properties of Chinese ginseng.

Ginseng’s ability to help the body to deal with stressful situations is just one of the benefits found through this  research. One of the other uses discovered for Chinese ginseng was its ability to boost the body’s immune system.

Chinese ginseng was found to be extremely effective in increasing the body’s resistance to infection, especially in the liver.

Side Effects Of Chinese Ginseng:

Asian Ginseng of all types should be avoided if you have high blood pressure…

Other than this Chinese ginseng has also been found to produce little or no side effects, when taken in recommended dosages.

One of the few side effects found is insomnia, but only in cases where Chinese ginseng was used in very high dosages.

Overall, Chinese ginseng is an accepted Chinese remedy both in the West and East shown to provide natural remedies that are both effective and safe.