Chinese Tea A Natural Cure Or Herbal Tonic

Chinese Tea

7 Flavors Of Chinese Tea.

Chinese tea has been a long time brewing… its many flavors  enjoyed throughout China for centuries.

First discovered by the Chinese around 2737 BC.  Chinese teas have enjoyed a long celebrated history – revered by millions world wide for its medicinal properties and distinctive varied flavors.

The full value of Chinese tea as  natural cures is gradually being revealed to the West – via credible scientific research.

Chinese tea in its many forms is much more than a herbal tonic.

Location, soil type, climate, altitude all play a part in creating different properties in Chinese green tea ensuring unique varied flavors, very much like fine wines.

Spring and Autumn are the two main picking seasons for quality teas, the optimum weather conditions are long periods of warm but cloudy days to gain the full flavor expected from premium tea.

Long periods of rain during picking time results in poor quality tea lacking in character; producing tea without the distinct flavors  and aromas  ardent Chinese tea drinkers look  for and expect.

This ancient herbal medicine once picked goes through minimal processing ensuring the naturally high levels of antioxidant’s and nutrients remain in the tea and are carried through to your tea pot.

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Chinese green tea when taken with meals increases your metabolism aiding weight loss, though it needs to be combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise for you to gain the full benefit from this Chinese slimming tea.
Health benefit’s of  Chinese tea…

  • helps prevent cancer
  • reduces the risk of heart disease
  • helps control cholesterol
  • slimming tea
  • antioxidant
  • high in nutrients
  • boosts the immune system
  • lowers blood pressure
  • prevents tooth decay
  • high in vitamin C

Pu Erh or Medicinal Tea :

In China the health benefits of  Pu erh Tea are well known and accepted,  but these health benefits are yet to be fully researched in the West. Pu Erh tea is building a reputation as a Chinese slimming tea it is often used to ensure your metabolism functions correctly and to balance your body’s systems.

Wild  Pu Erh tea trees have been known to grow to 32 meters and survive more than 1,700  years, becoming a National Treasure. The hand picked tea from these wild organic trees is highly sought after by  Tea collectors or investors.

Often described as having the flavor of wood or as some people unkindly say the flavor of dirt, but to most educated tea drinkers Pu erh is the aristocrat of all Chinese teas, many good Pu erh teas are between 10 and 20 years old and in some cases 60 years old and highly sought after.

The dark black color of 60 year old tea is a little daunting but the flavor is amazing as we found on a recent trip to Fujian Province, and I was well aware we were drinking a piece of history.

This link leads to an excellent article about the ancient Chinese Tea routes known as the Tea – Horse  Road.

Oolong Tea :

Oolong or Wu Long tea is known for intense flowery flavors and if taken at a rate of 4-10 cups per day it will increase your energy levels and boost vitality. Oolong tea aids digestion and when added to a well balanced diet this popular Chinese slimming tea offers you safe natural weight loss benefits.

Baozhong Tea :

Baozhong tea originated in Fujian Provence in China but is also grown with success in Taiwan. Baozhong is steamed soon after picking giving it a refreshing taste with the added health benefits of green tea and the metabolic virtues of Oolong tea.

White and Yellow Tea :

Steamed soon after picking, though left largely in its natural state and is high in antioxidant’s. Studies of white tea have shown it to be five times more effective than green tea in combating cancer. It is believed to be the caffeine and micro-nutrients in white tea that make it such a potent antioxidant.

Herbal Tea :

Ti sanes or herbal teas are caffeine free and made from infusions of several different types of medicinal herbs, These Chinese Remedies are normally prepared by a qualified  Acupuncturist or Herbalist to suit your  symptoms and individual needs. Chinese Herbal Tea used in traditional Chinese remedies are highly valued for their healing properties.

Black Tea :

Black tea accounts for 80% of the worlds tea consumption. Highly processed it has the highest levels of caffeine and the least amount of antioxidant’s out of all the teas listed here, Not normally considered a tea for natural cures,  but black tea  still has medicinal properties.

Black tea is proven to reduce the risk of strokes.

Today the brewing of Chinese tea in the West is quickly gaining  popularity, both for its varied clean flavors and as a Chinese slimming tea or natural cure. The many positive health benefits from Chinese tea remedies are being confirmed by on going scientific research both in China and the West.


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