Chinese Remedies For Nausea

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Remedies For Nausea :

Nausea comes in many degrees of severity and  can be a symptom of various conditions most of which are  non serious conditions and respond well to natural remedies for nausea

Long term nausea can be debilitating and affect your quality of life.

Nausea could be defined as “feeling that you are about  to vomit” often this feeling will pass with out you  being physically sick.

Though care must be taken if you do vomit due to the risk of dehydration, this risk especially applies to small children.

As there are many causes of nausea it is often difficult to establish a definite cause… the less serious conditions that can cause nausea are :

  • food poisoning
  • prescribed medications (side effects)
  • morning sickness
  • vertigo
  • motion sickness
  • stress


Remedies For Nausea : one of the best remedies  I have used countless times to good effect is ginger tea

Ginger Tea Recipe :

  • fresh ginger root ( about 1 inch long…sliced into strips )
  • brown sugar – 2 desert spoons ( must be brown sugar )
  • 4 cups of water

Lightly Boil the water with sliced ginger and brown sugar for about 20 minutes with the saucepan lid on – stirring occasionally.
Then let it sit until it is at a drinkable temperature.

You can reheat the mixture through out the day as you needed.

This Chinese remedy is  one of the simplest to produce but also one of the most effective remedies for nausea you will find
The ingredients are easily sourced from your local supermarket and it is quick and easy to  make at home…

This is one of the natural remedies our family uses often…whenever someone is even a little unwell

As well as nausea,  ginger tea is also an effective home remedy for treating :

  • sore throats
  • flu symptoms
  • common colds

If your nausea symptoms persist as a precaution I would advise you to  visit your family doctor to eliminate the possibility of a serious  condition being the cause of your nausea.

If you have recently suffered a head injury then nausea can be an indicator of a serious underlying condition – nausea remedies will not cure this form of nausea … Seek medical help.

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