Chinese Remedies Using Food Therapy

Food Therapy

Healing Foods.

In ancient China, the Chinese people had to take  full responsibility for their own health care using traditional Chinese medicine. There were no laws or regulations dictating that the government was responsible for the nation’s health care for a very long time. In due course, utilizing healing foods gave rise to the development of holistic health practices in the form of food therapy, and these practices were used by citizens belonging to all economic classes.

Food Therapy.

The Chinese have always held a strong reverence for nature and frequently turned to natural resources for disease prevention, natural healing  and pain relief. Food was one particular aspect of nature that the Chinese people came to depend on for their therapeutic practices. In fact, food therapy was not even considered to be a medical art for many years; it served as a core aspect to daily wellness in Chinese living. Since these ancient times, however, food that cures has developed a far more pivotal role in people’s lives both in the West and in China.


Food therapy using superfoods is not only about eating healthy, it is a form of natural medicine using good nutrition to boost your all your body’s system’s it has a positive effect on your hormonal system, cardiovascular, circularity, digestive and immune system, creating a natural balance that allows your body to heal its self and prevents many diseases from occurring in the first place.

Superfoods List :

10 superfoods easily found in your local supermarket …

1) green tea.

2) brown rice.

3) bananas.

4) salmon.

5) spinach.

6) avocado.

7) spirulina.

8 – turkey.

9) oats.

10) walnuts.

In Chinese medicine today, food is viewed as much more than something we consume to acquire energy. Food cures a variety of mental and physical imbalances in Chinese doctrines. It is only quite recent that the Western world “discovered” the validity of these food therapy practices and began putting them into good effect.

Holistic medicine has been gaining more momentum in the world of Western medicine, especially in the past twenty years. While most people have a basic understanding of what holistic health is, many are completely unaware of food therapy.

Food Cures.

Food therapy, in essence, means just what it sounds like: it integrates the use of healing foods that cure in order to bring about some form of physical relief or healing in the patient that is being administered to.

Some of the most commonly used food sources include herbs, meat proteins and minerals like fossilized bones. The food cures can cure many illnesses ranging from skin conditions like acne and premature aging, mild discomfort from headaches, and menstrual cramps of women, to kidney stones and even cancer. Whatever the source of the problem may be,

Chinese medicine fully adheres to the conviction that food cures what ails you. There are no extreme side effects resulting from the implementation of food therapy, and it works.

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