Acupuncture For Weight Loss

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing practice that has growing acceptance in the Western World it has been used for centuries in China for healing a variety of physical ailments – including weight loss.

The Western Perspective :

When using acupuncture treatment for weight loss – specific acupuncture points on your body and ear are selected, the process of acupuncture releases endorphins that help to deal with stress or anxiety that can with some people can lead to overeating.

The endorphins released also affect the digestive and hormonal systems in many people,  it can help balance your metabolism – if it is running to slow

One person’s acupuncture treatment experience is always going to be distinctive from another it is not a guaranteed treatment for loosing weight but it is an option to try if you are comfortable with acupuncture

Acupuncture :

In the past Chinese relied on the ancient art of  acupuncture  as one method to balance body and soul and this remains true in modern times.

Things have changed since its beginnings in Traditional Chinese Medicine, – Chinese Medicine now has many parts all equally important but acupuncture still remains true to its original intent at its center.

Acupuncture today is commonly turned to as a  weight loss treatment or more importantly it is used to balance your systems so they work efficiently which in turn helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Acupuncture for weight loss is just one path to natural weight loss the beauty of it is it requires no medication or appetite suppressing drugs.

Understanding the reasons and patterns behind one’s eating patterns will be the first point of focus for initial consultations with the practitioner. The practitioner will examine various energy points of the body to discern where the problem areas are.

Main energy centers of the body that are usually examined include the thyroid, the stomach, the kidneys, the lungs, the mouth, the spleen and the endocrine. Once the problem centers have been determined by the practitioner, then the needle points can be decided on for treatment. These areas of the body will serve as the general focus for acupuncture weight loss therapy.

Natural Weight Loss :

An acupuncture for weight loss session lasts anywhere from half an hour to forty-five minutes. Using acupuncture is one path to natural weight loss as well as improve your general health, more people have been turning to the modern version of this ancient practice for healing and recovering the natural balance that we all need to stay healthy and prevent disease,

Acupuncture for weight loss is often used in combination with food therapy and Chinese weight loss herbs giving a more complete weight loss program.

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