Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss

Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss :

The difficulty,  We all have  controlling and maintaining a healthy weight is a growing concern worldwide – these concerns help fuel a multimillion dollar diet industry

There are hundreds if not thousands of commercial diets on the market, many of these diets can only be described as ” Starvation Diets ”

Your frustration will quickly grow as you try to determine which particular diet is safe or effective, as many diets seem to contradict each other – frustration can lead to bad choices when deciding which diet plan to use…

Chinese Weight Loss tends to follow a more holistic long term approach.  They feel that a balanced lifestyle,  light exercise,   Healthy food, and herbal remedies are the key to Living a Healthy Life, this combination keeps your  body and mind in balance – which in turn leads to a healthy weight…

At first glance this may sound simplistic – but you will find lifestyle changes that align with these basic principles will be  the most  effective in helping you to achieve your ideal weight

There are 4 Lifestyle activities you control that will influence your ability to loose weight :

  • The food you eat. You should slowly adjust your diet to reduce your meat and dairy intake… aim for a diet high in fish, brown rice, vegetables and fruit – eat normal size meals do not starve your system of calories – instead control the food types you eat – starvation diets will give you short term results, though often lead to counter productive binge eating.
  • What type of exercise you do ? do you exercise ? – try anything  – walk the dog,  Yoga,   Cycling,   Don’t feel you need to exercise to burn calories – exercise for fun, relaxation and to speed up your metabolism… any form of exercise will do this, choose a form of exercise you enjoy that is easy to include in your daily routine.
  • The health of your internal organs. – a healthy Liver and Spleen is essential to maintain a healthy weight – look for a natural weight loss detox to cleanse your internal organs this will improve your chances of fast – sustainable weight loss results
  • What you drink. do you have a preference  for Alcohol ? Alcohol is extremely high in sugar – why not try Chinese Tea ?

Chinese tea is a corner stone  of  a normal diet in China – an important  part day to day life, to the point of it being second nature for Chinese people to drink tea with every  Meal it doesn’t matter whether they are slowly eating their way through a banquet dinner or sitting down to a simple breakfast – they will always drink several cups of Tea – Chinese Tea speeds up your metabolism and improves digestion.

Pu erh Tea is very popular in China for this purpose as is Oolong or Green Tea – all these tea types are considered to be Chinese weight loss tea.

Liver Health :

Pu erh is a post fermented tea that has been in use for centuries in China as a weight loss tea and a general tonic Pu erh is especially good for your stomach – one of its many benefits is it helps to break down oily or fatty foods – you will often find it served in Yum Cha restaurants, it also helps reduce the negative effects of a diet high in meat… This is of enormous benefit as the complete digestion of oils and fats is essential for efficient  liver function.

A healthy liver is important for long term sustainable weight loss …In short if your liver processes fats and sugars efficiently you can eat normally without the need for strict diets excess fats  processed by your healthy liver are excreted and not stored in your body as fat.

Important Note…

Chinese weight loss herbs and Chinese herbs in general should not be confused with commercial Chinese Diet Pills sold to the unwary… most of these concoctions are banned by the FDA because of the deaths and health scares they cause… they are often promoted as Natural Ancient Chinese Medicines when many include unlisted ingredients that are dangerous prescription medicines or appetite suppressors… These scams should not be viewed as Chinese Weight Loss !

Chinese medicine follows the principle that in order for your body to be fit and healthy your systems need to be in complete balance – both mind and body. All Chinese Medicines are prescribed with the aim of maintaining this important balance

When weight is an issue a Chinese Herbalists will create  a formula from natural herbs that eases stress and helps you sleep as well – the formula will contain certain weight loss herbs or metabolism conditioners. They will look at your eating habits and recommend specific foods to remove or add to your daily diet – in order to help balance your bodies systems.

This is real holistic Chinese Weight Loss – A long term solution

In many cases, your body’s metabolism and genetics will dictate the speed or effectiveness of your weight loss efforts – what ever your age or current weight, you can achieve positive results – it is important for you to make a plan and set realistic goals… when you stick to your diet plan you are sure to see positive results as you drive toward your ideal weight.

Weight Loss Detox :

With many people no matter what Starvation Diet you try nothing seems to work for long ?

Is this is a problem you have experienced in the past ? … Before you start another diet – you should first  Detox Your Liver as well as adopt  a well balanced  diet ( high in vegetables, fish and brown rice – But low in meat, processed foods, sugars or dairy products ) Once you have detoxed and established healthy eating habits… from this point on you can expect your weight loss efforts to produce long term stable results… The weight loss detox is an important step in any natural weight loss plan.

Chinese Weight Loss Herbs :

Chinese Weight loss herbs are used in many remedies to  boost metabolic function,  common herbs are Chinese ginseng and atractylodes.

These particular weight loss herbs increase your chi and yang energy, they also fit into the category of  Chinese weight loss herbs.

  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Deucommia bark
  • Magnolia bark
  • Ginseng – it is important to avoid Asian ginseng if you have high blood pressure

Chinese weight loss remedies will often include  bitter herbs to aid weight loss. Bitter herbs reduce the  acidic conditions in your stomach that can trigger cravings for unhealthy foods.

  • Chinese rhubarb
  • coptis
  • scute

Chinese Diet Tea :

Chinese remedies have proven to be a tremendous help for many people in their  battle to loose weight and to go on to maintain a healthy weight.

Chinese Weight Loss Herbs in combination with a  balanced diet  and exercise increases the body’s metabolism ensuring a healthy sustainable weight – without the need for starvation diets – dangerous diet pills or appetite suppressors.

Need More Information ? Watch this video to learn the essentials of an effective Diet Plan – expert tips on Weight Loss Detox…

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