Chinese Remedies That Include Herbs For Anxiety

Herbs for Anxiety : Traditional Chinese Medicine offers many natural remedies for anxiety,

Herbalists consider anxiety to be the mind and body’s reaction when dealing with stress. In many cases short term anxiety or stress can help us when dealing with a particular tense situation that requires quick thinking and concentration – like sitting exams or over working.

However stress  can also lead to a number of psychological conditions that are more severe in nature.

The Chinese community has long believed that Chinese Remedies and the use of herbs for anxiety brings balance back into the body.

Chinese herbalists prescribe that anxiety actually forms in the body’s chest area, and they consider the chest to be the seat of all emotions. Chinese Herbal Remedies  for anxiety would specifically deal with healing the problem directly through the chest.

Chai hu is one such Chinese herb that, when used in conjunction with other herbs for anxiety, helps deal with blood flow to the chest area.

Chai hu can be used along with tai zi shen, and huang qin to deal with anxiety, and is also effective in dealing with premenstrual syndrome for women.

Another of the herbs for anxiety that can be used is fu shen.

Fu shen is another common herb used in Chinese Medicine, and is very useful in helping to alleviate liver conditions.

Chinese herbalists have found that fu shen is also one of the most effective natural remedies for anxiety herbs  when treating excessive bouts of fear.

The mimosa tree is the source of a couple of herbs for anxiety used in Chinese Remedies.

He huan pi is from the bark itself and is used to relieve constrained emotions, while he huan hua is the flower of the tree, and is used to deal with the heart-liver meridian.

Both of these herbs for anxiety can also be used to treat swelling on the skin.

The Chinese believe that anxiety creates an imbalance in the body’s chi, and herbs for anxiety will help in restoring the body’s overall balance.

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