Chinese Remedies For Constipation

Natural Cures for Constipation :

Constipation occurs in the body when stools have difficulty moving through the intestines.

Constipation itself can have many causes, including poor diet or not enough fluid consumption, waiting too long to go to the bathroom, and fiber imbalance.

The Chinese have developed a number of herbal remedies that can be used as natural cures for constipation, and they believe that constipation occurs as a result of disharmony within the body.

Ancient Chinese culture dictates that outside energy makes it way inside the body, causing excessive heat and qi stagnation. Exterior heat affects the large intestine, making it difficult for stools to pass through smoothly.

Herbal cures for constipation include Chinese herbs such as huang qi and hu tao ren, which act as a natural laxative.

When qi in the body is deficient, it causes an imbalance in the body, giving a person less energy to properly move the bowels. One of the well documented Chinese remedies  for constipation is called Shen Qi Da Bu Wan, which contains Chinese tonics that act as a lubricating laxative, allowing for smoother travel of stools through the intestines.

The Chinese also believe that cures for constipation can be achieved through acupuncture, especially when dealing with chronic constipation.

While many cures for constipation deal with instant relief, acupuncture is used to to help correct an imbalance within the body that causes long term constipation.

Treatments can vary in time, and acupuncture treatments are used in conjunction with Chinese remedies that treat vital substances that need to be nourished.

While cures for constipation can certainly be found in the form of conventional laxatives found on store shelves, the Chinese believe that the body needs to put back into balance, and to increase qi efficiency within the body.

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