Chinese Medicinal Herbs To Promote Good Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicinal Herbs :

Chinese medicinal herbs have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for  centuries  providing effective treatment for a multitude of  medical conditions.

Though western Doctors continue to look upon Chinese herbs as alternative  medicine – many of today’s  Modern Western Treatments are based on  Chinese medicinal herbs.

China  employed the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine as part of the national health-care system in the 1950s.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is partly based on the use of Chinese medicinal herbs which was developed by Chinese Herbalists over hundreds of years.

China being such a large land mass enjoys an impressive range of  medicinal herbs that grow in varying climates and regions with in the country.

Many of these herbs have been collected and utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – through the years their uses have been tested, documented and logged by both ancient and modern herbalists.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) still refer to these archives and proven ancient practices today in their modern day medical treatments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the concept that the world ( and everything in it) is essentially created and nurtured using an energy called qi or sometimes called chi.

Qi translates to energy flow, sparked by natural qualities such as air and gas.  Chinese believe that the disruption or blockage of qi is what causes health problems, so Chinese medicinal herbs are one of the methods used to balance and Restore The Energy Flow.

Chi can be disrupted by :

  • poor diet
  • lack of sleep
  • bereavement
  • working to excess
  • stress
  • excess alcohol or drugs
  • extreme exercise
  • no exercise

A balanced lifestyle and healthy diet will help to maintain your internal energy or chi and ensuring good health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is also based on the premise that each individual body is a universe all unto itself.

When our bodies internal balance is interrupted by external factors such as  listed above intervention is needed.

In Chinese medicine these conditions are described as having an excess of either… metal, wood, fire, earth and water,  resulting in an imbalance of your body’s systems.

Chinese medicinal herbs are often used in conjunction with Tui na and acupuncture or food cures to counteract the external factors and restore the body to a healthy balanced state.

Chinese medicinal herbs or a specific diet have long been considered to be the primary treatment for internal medical problems within China.

Herbs are used in combination to build the body’s defenses against external factors, and uses herbs from animal, mineral and marine sources to produce the desired effect.

While traditional Chinese medicinal herbs are still generally treated with suspicion by many Western physicians, Chinese Herbal Medicine is  widely practiced in a diverse range of countries, used by both traditional and modern medical specialists as a holistic alternative to conventional medical treatments.

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