Chinese Incense, Natural Incense Aromatherapy

Chinese IncenseChinese Incense has played an integral part in Chinese life, the importance of  incense culture in China is well documented and even today incense plays an important role in day to day life,  incense is indispensable when preforming rituals, celebrations or ancestor worship,

As well as its uses in rituals incense has evolved over the last 5,000 years to become an important part of Chinese Remedies, with quality natural incense is being used in Chinese Herbal Medicine… as incense aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Incense used in Chinese medicine is a combination of herbs, rare aromatic woods and resins these are carefully blended together to create an aromatherapy incense that is most often  used to balance your mind and body, the exotic scents  lifting your spirit to a higher level – reducing stress…

This premium incense used in Chinese Medicine is made from a mixture of natural ingredients carefully selected from the same traditional sources Chinese Herbalists have used for centuries, the natural ingredients are chosen for their purity and healing properties.

In ancient times only Emperors and Royalty had access to this premium incense as many ingredients like Frankincense and Myrrh were once valued more highly than gold,  even today Alosewood another  popular ingredient in Chinese Incense and also used  Chinese Herbal Medicines is  highly sought after, because of this popularity Alosewood in all its forms carries a very  high price tag.   If  it is top quality.

Most quality Alosewood originates from Vietnam or Indonesia as well as various other South-East Asian countries, Due to the high cost of Alosewood and the profits to be made, a few countries are attempting to commercially and sustainably grow the varieties of Hardwood Tree that are needed to create Alosewood,  there aim of course is to produce  Alosewood on demand for commercial reasons, but it will also if successful ensure an on-going sustainable supply of Alosewood for Chinese Medicines and Aromatherapy Incense.

Today quality natural Chinese Incense is not common out side of China, but it is becoming quite easy to buy premium  Online Incense once you know what to search for and are familiar with the ingredients that should be in all quality natural Chinese Remedies Incense and of course what ingredients such as artificial scents and colouring  that should not be used in making premium incense.

Chinese Incense Ingredients :

  • Alosewood or Agarwood
  • Sandalwood
  • Frankincense
  • Cloves
  • Musk
  • Benzoin Resin
  • Spikenard

All these ingredients are chemical free and non toxic, combined these ingredients create an exotic naturally scented aromatherapy incense. Chinese Incense of this quality is healthy and safe to use, an incense that will reduce your stress levels as it relaxes and balances both mind and body.


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