Foods For High Blood Pressure


Food TherapyNatural Remedies Using Foods For High Blood Pressure :

Where Are What We Eat… is this a tired cliche or ageless wisdom ?

My grandmother used this truism often when I was growing up, normally when I was resisting eating her home grown vegetables.

We live at a faster pace now with very little time for growing our own vegetables – home cooked or otherwise, the modern world is over-run with advertising promoting the latest fast food fade.

With our busy lives, fast food or processed foods are often the easy options as we all have less time to prepare our own meals, this makes it difficult to prepare healthy foods for high blood pressure.

When we fail to take time to look after our own needs this is when our health begins  to decline and in some cases our blood pressure increases

The basis of  food therapy is to learn which of the many food combinations work best together, also an important part of food therapy is combining the correct foods for treating or better still preventing high blood pressure or any other ailment we are susceptible too.

But it is quite important to put aside the time to cook healthy well-balanced meals, This is just as crucial as learning which combination of foods will give  the maximum food value

Foods That Reduce Blood Pressure…

  • Nuts : walnuts
  • Garlic
  • Home Grown or Organic Vegetables : celery
  • Fish Oil :
  • Chinese Tea : Oolong Tea, Pu-erh or black tea
  • Fish : oily fish

To successfully treat high blood pressure and prevent its return you need to be aware of the common causes of high blood pressure, not all causes of high blood pressure are foods,  but here is a list of foods and lifestyle activities to avoid…

Foods That cause High Blood Pressure…

  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Fatty foods high in protein
  • Processed foods
  • No exercise
  • To much stress

Learning about food therapy to identify beneficial foods for high blood pressure is an excellent first step in beginning your  natural treatment for high blood pressure.

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When you combine food therapy with light exercise and make lifestyle changes where they are needed you will be well on your way to preventing or reducing your high blood pressure, and improving your overall health.

What Causes Blood Pressure

Traditional Chinese Medicine

High Blood Pressure Causes :

The Traditional Western  Medical fraternity have many and varied opinions  on what causes blood pressure.

It seems to be quite difficult for doctors to narrow down a single cause or treatment for any one  individual,  so often the conventional treatment of high blood pressure entails several forms of drug treatment.

There are the two main reasons that  drove me to seek out alternative medicines to control my own blood pressure problem.

Once started  these drug treatments are in place for life.

All of these conventional medical treatments for blood pressure come with debilitating side effects.

Natural Remedies To Lower Blood Pressure :

The first step for lowering blood pressure in a holistic manner is to identify  what typically causes blood pressure in the majority of  people.

When you recognize any of these blood pressure causes in your lifestyle you would be wise to make the needed lifestyle adjustments, as well as  put in place natural remedies to lower blood pressure.

The bonus with employing these tried and tested methods of  natural remedies for blood pressure, is that; as well as being a side effect free blood pressure treatment, the lifestyle changes you will implement into your daily routine for lowering blood pressure  will almost certainly improve your general health over all.

With these lifestyle changes both your physical and physiological well being will show a marked improvement.

What Causes High Blood Pressure :

  • Smoking; cut back or give up smoking
  • Diet a high salt or sodium intake;
  • Excessive alcohol; one drink a day is OK, any more then you are most likely doing harm
  • Excess Weight;
  • Sedentary Lifestyle; find an exercise you enjoy, if you enjoy the exercise you are more likely to stick to the necessary routine of  20 minutes or more of exercise per day (a dog is great you have to exercise them, this gets you into the exercise routine)
  • Over working;
  • Stress; Implementing most of the above lifestyle changes will certainly reduce your stress and improve your health
  • Increase in age;
  • Genetics;

While the  cause’s of high blood pressure are varied.

Only the last two of the listed blood pressure causes are unavoidable – increase in age and genetics.

All the other listed causes of blood pressure are under your control and with lifestyle and diet changes it is possible to safely control blood pressure without drugs.

Treatment Of High Blood Pressure :

  • Lifestyle Changes; exercise more, reduce stress, work less,
  • Diet; eat more fruit, nuts, vegetables…(celery)  Eat Less saturated fat, sugar, salt or processed foods
  • Stop Smoking;
  • Reduce Weight;
  • Natural remedies for blood pressure;
  • Food Therapy; as used in Chinese Medicine
  • Garlic; garlic is a natural blood thinner similar to Aspirin,  if you are using prescribed blood thinners use garlic with care and consult your doctor first
  • Fish Oil; an excellent supplement to maintain a healthy Heart
  • Hawthorn; is great for improving circulation, it is possible to find high strength Garlic pills with Hawthorn added, these are ideal
  • Olive Oil; reduces the risk of stroke
  • Apple Cider Vinegar; helps to adjust your bodies PH to alkaline instead of acid… very important for controlling blood pressure and ongoing long term good health
  • Chinese Tea, Both Black or Green Tea are good for your heart and circulation, studies have proven Chinese tea helps to prevent stroke

Control High Blood Pressure :

Natural remedies for blood pressure should  not be viewed as  a quick fix.

You should not begin to use natural remedies then suddenly stop taking your prescribed medicines you are currently taking for high blood pressure.

Under the guidance of your doctor you may be able to gradually reduce and work towards  eliminating all  prescription drugs for blood pressure.

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It will take time  and a moderate level of commitment from you to implement and achieve your goal.

To control high blood pressure by using natural remedies for blood pressure; but the general health improvements will be noticeable quite quickly, depending on the extent of the lifestyle changes needed.

Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure :

The search for safe time tested natural remedies is becoming more popular as we all recognize the need to take responsibility of our own health care.

Over the years many of us, (Including myself)  have become disillusioned by the harsh side effects and washed out feeling we inevitably inherit from taking prescribed pharmaceuticals.

We all look forward to utilizing a safer more holistic approach to  our health and our families health care.

There are many natural remedies to lower blood pressure, some are best sourced as prepared formulas through herbalists; such a qualified  Chinese Herbalist or you can take control of your own blood pressure treatment… 

There are also many herbs and blood pressure remedies you can easily purchase from your health shop or even your local Chinese super market.

Though many of the best natural remedies for blood pressure can be easily implemented by ourselves from products we may have in our home cupboards now, we just need to learn to recognize the benefits of each food group.

And of course you will never find a more powerful natural remedy than diet changes combined with  lifestyle changes… leading to a balanced mind and body which is at the very center of Chinese Medicine and any form of natural health care.

Improving Your Diet Helps To Control Blood Pressure :

Lowering your intake of protein and saturated fats as found in dairy products and red meat is an important step in improving your families overall health as well as the key to lowering your blood pressure naturally.

Replace these foods with healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Use low fat milk products or remove dairy from your day to day diet.

Eat smaller portions of meat and include more fresh fish into your diet.

These are all simple sensible  steps which will lead to a healthier lifestyle and  help control blood pressure.

Cut back on foods and drinks with a high sugar content.

Avoid adding salt to your food(unless it is natural sea salt) and reduce the amount of processed foods you eat.

If your normal diet consists of foods that travel to you in a can, wrapped  in plastic or packaged in cardboard it will almost certainly have unhealthy amounts of flavor enhancers, sugar, salt or sodium added.

All these additives should be avoided or their intake reduced to a minimum whenever possible.

Instead to improve your Blood Pressure Readings increase your intake of Blood Pressure Lowering Foods…

Blood Pressure Lowering Foods :

  • Fish Oil;
  • Garlic;
  • Apple Cider Vinegar;
  • Vitamin Supplements;
  • Fruit and Vegetables;
  • Nuts and Grains
  • Poultry;
  • Fish;
  • Chinese Tea;
  • Celery;

As well as adding the above foods and herbs to your daily diet it is equally important that you avoid certain herbs and foods such as the list below as you strive to control  blood pressure.

  • Sodium;
  • Salt;
  • Licorice Herb;
  • Asian Ginseng;
  • Rosemary Essential oil;
  • Food Additives;

Also a helpful tool to control blood pressure is lifestyle changes.

Many of  these simple lifestyle changes are often the hardest of the natural remedies to implement.

But a lifestyle change will  often show the greatest benefit in lowering blood pressure – and reduce your need for debilitating drugs.

What Causes High Blood Pressure

There are many Natural Remedies For Blood Pressure available to you with out the need for employing harsh drugs.

It is a simple matter of taking control and researching the methods that suits you and your lifestyle the best, from this you learn how to lower blood pressure in a holistic manner.

This Knowledge once established puts the power of making  health care decisions back in your hands.

You will require a combination of  Diet, Natural Remedies, Lifestyle Changes to assist in Lowering Blood Pressure to a safe healthy level, also stay in touch with your doctor so they can advise you if needed and monitor your progress.

Chinese High Blood Pressure Remedies

High Blood Pressure Remedies :

China has long been known for its successful use of  herbal medicine, diet and exercise for maintaining a healthy balance, they have isolated specific herbs for treating a variety of medical conditions. including high blood pressure.

Because of China’s physical size and diverse population, there is a vast range of medicinal herbs available to the Chinese Doctor and a wealth of documented medicinal knowledge throughout China – dating back to ancient times.

Chinese herbalists over the centuries – due to necessity – have  perfected natural treatments using herbs and animal parts as their treatment base.

Western Medicine has based many of its high blood pressure remedies and several other pharmaceuticals on Herbal Medicines and techniques practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A few years ago, it was discovered by the Chinese that kudzu was effective in lowering high blood pressure

In a study conducted in China:

52 people participated in a study using kudzu to help reduce  blood pressure. 17 of those people experienced a marked decline in blood pressure when using this high blood pressure treatment.

The treatment involved drinking tea with eight teaspoons of kudzu root included.

Kudzu is known to possess approximately 100 times the amount of antioxidant activity available in Vitamin E, which is vital in helping to prevent heart disease.

Hypertension :

What Causes Blood Pressure

Hypertension or being over weight can lead to high blood pressure, Chinese Doctors have found several herbs useful as a  natural high blood pressure remedies when used in combination.

  • Silver root
  • Chinese angelica root
  • Ma-Huang

These herbs have all been found to be effective in easing hypertension in some patients.

Natural Remedies For Blood Pressure

Herbs For High Blood Pressure Remedies:

It is normal as we age that we become more susceptible to high blood pressure… Chinese doctors have specifically developed herbal treatments for blood pressure in the older age group.

  • Chinese foxglove
  • Yam
  • Tree peony bark

These 3 herbal ingredients are used in a specific remedy called Rehmannia Eight Formula, which is well known to be effective in easing hypertension and kidney infections for older people.

As it is a Herbal blood pressure treatment there are no side effects.

While the Western medical community overall is very reticent to adopt these time tested natural high blood pressure remedies, Chinese herbalists  prescribe many of these natural remedies to help control blood pressure – and often with great success.

Chinese Doctors  believe wholeheartedly that their Chinese Herbal Remedies  can control high blood pressure more effectively and with less negative side effects than the more conventional modern medicines.

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