Foods For High Blood Pressure


Food TherapyNatural Remedies Using Foods For High Blood Pressure :

Where Are What We Eat… is this a tired cliche or ageless wisdom ?

My grandmother used this truism often when I was growing up, normally when I was resisting eating her home grown vegetables.

We live at a faster pace now with very little time for growing our own vegetables – home cooked or otherwise, the modern world is over-run with advertising promoting the latest fast food fade.

With our busy lives, fast food or processed foods are often the easy options as we all have less time to prepare our own meals, this makes it difficult to prepare healthy foods for high blood pressure.

When we fail to take time to look after our own needs this is when our health begins  to decline and in some cases our blood pressure increases

The basis of  food therapy is to learn which of the many food combinations work best together, also an important part of food therapy is combining the correct foods for treating or better still preventing high blood pressure or any other ailment we are susceptible too.

But it is quite important to put aside the time to cook healthy well-balanced meals, This is just as crucial as learning which combination of foods will give  the maximum food value

Foods That Reduce Blood Pressure…

  • Nuts : walnuts
  • Garlic
  • Home Grown or Organic Vegetables : celery
  • Fish Oil :
  • Chinese Tea : Oolong Tea, Pu-erh or black tea
  • Fish : oily fish

To successfully treat high blood pressure and prevent its return you need to be aware of the common causes of high blood pressure, not all causes of high blood pressure are foods,  but here is a list of foods and lifestyle activities to avoid…

Foods That cause High Blood Pressure…

  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Fatty foods high in protein
  • Processed foods
  • No exercise
  • To much stress

Learning about food therapy to identify beneficial foods for high blood pressure is an excellent first step in beginning your  natural treatment for high blood pressure.

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When you combine food therapy with light exercise and make lifestyle changes where they are needed you will be well on your way to preventing or reducing your high blood pressure, and improving your overall health.

Chinese Incense, Natural Incense Aromatherapy

Chinese IncenseChinese Incense has played an integral part in Chinese life, the importance of  incense culture in China is well documented and even today incense plays an important role in day to day life,  incense is indispensable when preforming rituals, celebrations or ancestor worship,

As well as its uses in rituals incense has evolved over the last 5,000 years to become an important part of Chinese Remedies, with quality natural incense is being used in Chinese Herbal Medicine… as incense aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Incense used in Chinese medicine is a combination of herbs, rare aromatic woods and resins these are carefully blended together to create an aromatherapy incense that is most often  used to balance your mind and body, the exotic scents  lifting your spirit to a higher level – reducing stress…

This premium incense used in Chinese Medicine is made from a mixture of natural ingredients carefully selected from the same traditional sources Chinese Herbalists have used for centuries, the natural ingredients are chosen for their purity and healing properties.

In ancient times only Emperors and Royalty had access to this premium incense as many ingredients like Frankincense and Myrrh were once valued more highly than gold,  even today Alosewood another  popular ingredient in Chinese Incense and also used  Chinese Herbal Medicines is  highly sought after, because of this popularity Alosewood in all its forms carries a very  high price tag.   If  it is top quality.

Most quality Alosewood originates from Vietnam or Indonesia as well as various other South-East Asian countries, Due to the high cost of Alosewood and the profits to be made, a few countries are attempting to commercially and sustainably grow the varieties of Hardwood Tree that are needed to create Alosewood,  there aim of course is to produce  Alosewood on demand for commercial reasons, but it will also if successful ensure an on-going sustainable supply of Alosewood for Chinese Medicines and Aromatherapy Incense.

Today quality natural Chinese Incense is not common out side of China, but it is becoming quite easy to buy premium  Online Incense once you know what to search for and are familiar with the ingredients that should be in all quality natural Chinese Remedies Incense and of course what ingredients such as artificial scents and colouring  that should not be used in making premium incense.

Chinese Incense Ingredients :

  • Alosewood or Agarwood
  • Sandalwood
  • Frankincense
  • Cloves
  • Musk
  • Benzoin Resin
  • Spikenard

All these ingredients are chemical free and non toxic, combined these ingredients create an exotic naturally scented aromatherapy incense. Chinese Incense of this quality is healthy and safe to use, an incense that will reduce your stress levels as it relaxes and balances both mind and body.


What Causes Blood Pressure

Traditional Chinese Medicine

High Blood Pressure Causes :

The Traditional Western  Medical fraternity have many and varied opinions  on what causes blood pressure.

It seems to be quite difficult for doctors to narrow down a single cause or treatment for any one  individual,  so often the conventional treatment of high blood pressure entails several forms of drug treatment.

There are the two main reasons that  drove me to seek out alternative medicines to control my own blood pressure problem.

Once started  these drug treatments are in place for life.

All of these conventional medical treatments for blood pressure come with debilitating side effects.

Natural Remedies To Lower Blood Pressure :

The first step for lowering blood pressure in a holistic manner is to identify  what typically causes blood pressure in the majority of  people.

When you recognize any of these blood pressure causes in your lifestyle you would be wise to make the needed lifestyle adjustments, as well as  put in place natural remedies to lower blood pressure.

The bonus with employing these tried and tested methods of  natural remedies for blood pressure, is that; as well as being a side effect free blood pressure treatment, the lifestyle changes you will implement into your daily routine for lowering blood pressure  will almost certainly improve your general health over all.

With these lifestyle changes both your physical and physiological well being will show a marked improvement.

What Causes High Blood Pressure :

  • Smoking; cut back or give up smoking
  • Diet a high salt or sodium intake;
  • Excessive alcohol; one drink a day is OK, any more then you are most likely doing harm
  • Excess Weight;
  • Sedentary Lifestyle; find an exercise you enjoy, if you enjoy the exercise you are more likely to stick to the necessary routine of  20 minutes or more of exercise per day (a dog is great you have to exercise them, this gets you into the exercise routine)
  • Over working;
  • Stress; Implementing most of the above lifestyle changes will certainly reduce your stress and improve your health
  • Increase in age;
  • Genetics;

While the  cause’s of high blood pressure are varied.

Only the last two of the listed blood pressure causes are unavoidable – increase in age and genetics.

All the other listed causes of blood pressure are under your control and with lifestyle and diet changes it is possible to safely control blood pressure without drugs.

Treatment Of High Blood Pressure :

  • Lifestyle Changes; exercise more, reduce stress, work less,
  • Diet; eat more fruit, nuts, vegetables…(celery)  Eat Less saturated fat, sugar, salt or processed foods
  • Stop Smoking;
  • Reduce Weight;
  • Natural remedies for blood pressure;
  • Food Therapy; as used in Chinese Medicine
  • Garlic; garlic is a natural blood thinner similar to Aspirin,  if you are using prescribed blood thinners use garlic with care and consult your doctor first
  • Fish Oil; an excellent supplement to maintain a healthy Heart
  • Hawthorn; is great for improving circulation, it is possible to find high strength Garlic pills with Hawthorn added, these are ideal
  • Olive Oil; reduces the risk of stroke
  • Apple Cider Vinegar; helps to adjust your bodies PH to alkaline instead of acid… very important for controlling blood pressure and ongoing long term good health
  • Chinese Tea, Both Black or Green Tea are good for your heart and circulation, studies have proven Chinese tea helps to prevent stroke

Control High Blood Pressure :

Natural remedies for blood pressure should  not be viewed as  a quick fix.

You should not begin to use natural remedies then suddenly stop taking your prescribed medicines you are currently taking for high blood pressure.

Under the guidance of your doctor you may be able to gradually reduce and work towards  eliminating all  prescription drugs for blood pressure.

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It will take time  and a moderate level of commitment from you to implement and achieve your goal.

To control high blood pressure by using natural remedies for blood pressure; but the general health improvements will be noticeable quite quickly, depending on the extent of the lifestyle changes needed.

Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure :

The search for safe time tested natural remedies is becoming more popular as we all recognize the need to take responsibility of our own health care.

Over the years many of us, (Including myself)  have become disillusioned by the harsh side effects and washed out feeling we inevitably inherit from taking prescribed pharmaceuticals.

We all look forward to utilizing a safer more holistic approach to  our health and our families health care.

There are many natural remedies to lower blood pressure, some are best sourced as prepared formulas through herbalists; such a qualified  Chinese Herbalist or you can take control of your own blood pressure treatment… 

There are also many herbs and blood pressure remedies you can easily purchase from your health shop or even your local Chinese super market.

Though many of the best natural remedies for blood pressure can be easily implemented by ourselves from products we may have in our home cupboards now, we just need to learn to recognize the benefits of each food group.

And of course you will never find a more powerful natural remedy than diet changes combined with  lifestyle changes… leading to a balanced mind and body which is at the very center of Chinese Medicine and any form of natural health care.

Improving Your Diet Helps To Control Blood Pressure :

Lowering your intake of protein and saturated fats as found in dairy products and red meat is an important step in improving your families overall health as well as the key to lowering your blood pressure naturally.

Replace these foods with healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Use low fat milk products or remove dairy from your day to day diet.

Eat smaller portions of meat and include more fresh fish into your diet.

These are all simple sensible  steps which will lead to a healthier lifestyle and  help control blood pressure.

Cut back on foods and drinks with a high sugar content.

Avoid adding salt to your food(unless it is natural sea salt) and reduce the amount of processed foods you eat.

If your normal diet consists of foods that travel to you in a can, wrapped  in plastic or packaged in cardboard it will almost certainly have unhealthy amounts of flavor enhancers, sugar, salt or sodium added.

All these additives should be avoided or their intake reduced to a minimum whenever possible.

Instead to improve your Blood Pressure Readings increase your intake of Blood Pressure Lowering Foods…

Blood Pressure Lowering Foods :

  • Fish Oil;
  • Garlic;
  • Apple Cider Vinegar;
  • Vitamin Supplements;
  • Fruit and Vegetables;
  • Nuts and Grains
  • Poultry;
  • Fish;
  • Chinese Tea;
  • Celery;

As well as adding the above foods and herbs to your daily diet it is equally important that you avoid certain herbs and foods such as the list below as you strive to control  blood pressure.

  • Sodium;
  • Salt;
  • Licorice Herb;
  • Asian Ginseng;
  • Rosemary Essential oil;
  • Food Additives;

Also a helpful tool to control blood pressure is lifestyle changes.

Many of  these simple lifestyle changes are often the hardest of the natural remedies to implement.

But a lifestyle change will  often show the greatest benefit in lowering blood pressure – and reduce your need for debilitating drugs.

What Causes High Blood Pressure

There are many Natural Remedies For Blood Pressure available to you with out the need for employing harsh drugs.

It is a simple matter of taking control and researching the methods that suits you and your lifestyle the best, from this you learn how to lower blood pressure in a holistic manner.

This Knowledge once established puts the power of making  health care decisions back in your hands.

You will require a combination of  Diet, Natural Remedies, Lifestyle Changes to assist in Lowering Blood Pressure to a safe healthy level, also stay in touch with your doctor so they can advise you if needed and monitor your progress.

Chinese Remedies Using White Tea

Chinese Herbal MedicineThis unique Chinese Tea can be traced to the Song Dynasty in China,  from 960 to 1279. It is now a firm favorite throughout China – once reserved for Royalty.

Until quite recently the health benefits of Chinese White Tea were not very widely recognized  outside of China – today White Tea like many Oolong teas are beginning to develop a strong following in the West as the health benefits of become better known – due to the increase in research and ongoing publicity of Chinese Tea in all forms of western media.

The White Tea began its life as an exclusive tea – reserved solely for emperor’s…

But as the decades have passed, this lightly processed high quality  Chinese tea has become more and more commonplace throughout all economic classes in China.

Today, Luckily you don’t have to be an emperor to enjoy the taste and health benefits of  White Tea. You can go practically anywhere in the world and enjoy a cup of White Tea – though the quality will vary widely due to shelf life of White Tea being quite short – it is considered a delicate tea – best consumed within a few months of picking and processing.

So what are some of the white tea benefits ?… why are they exclusive to White Tea?

White tea is a non fermented tea which is made from carefully hand picked tea buds – resulting in high quality tea (White Tip Silver Needle)  or the lesser grades – a bud with one leaf  (White Peony) the leaves are lightly steamed soon after picking, because of this minimal processing White Tea remains rich in polyphenols – tea polyphenols are well regarded for helping to eradicate  toxins and  free radicals that commonly cause many of our infection’s or illness as well as free radicals are attributed to premature aging.

White Tea is specifically noted to help improve many skin conditions…

One area that seems to experience the most benefit is cold sores. It is a common remedial method to drink white tea in order to help the healing process along. It is also commonplace for people to use the White Tea as a sort of rinsing solution for the affected areas.

Though it is great to pursue the health benefits of Chinese Tea and in particular health benefits from White Tea, I would also like to point out that White Tea tastes great too!

White Tea Health Benefits :

1) Helps prevent cancer, including colon cancer.

2) Inhibits viruses and bacterial growth.

3) Boosts your immune system.

4) Slows the aging process.

5) High in antioxidants.

6) Anti-inflammatory.

Many people are very well aware Chinese green tea and its beneficial properties, but White Tea has yet to gain as much public awareness as its predecessor has – so what are the main differences between  White Tea vs Green Tea?

Green tea is filled with antioxidants and comes from a plant called the Camellia Sinensis. White Tea like most Chinese tea’s is also derived from this very same plant,  but is picked as young leaves not yet fully opened and then processed  processed slightly differently from Green Tea.

The greatest difference between the two teas is that white tea leaves are harvested before blooming. Green tea leaves come from a fully bloomed plant. White Tea is a younger leaf that offers a higher dose of antioxidants and polyphenols, plus other beneficial properties – they are both considered to be Chinese weight loss tea due to the fact they speed up your metabolism and help process fatty foods

Another noted difference between white tea vs green tea is that the plant buds are lightly steamed before they are dried. Thus, while Green Tea is a well known popular beverage you can consume on a regular basis, you will reap far more health benefits by adding  White Tea to your tea collection and occasionally drinking White Tea instead of the ever popular Green Tea.

Another great tasting Chinese tea high in polyphenols and a excellent tea to remove free radicals from your system is Oolong tea

Chinese Remedies Using Oolong Tea

Chinese Tea

Oolong Tea :

One of the most popular  Chinese teas in the West is  Oolong  Tea, And for good reason it offers a beautiful diverse range of tea’s from very light flavored teas Tie guan yin to deep dark rich flavored like Da Hong Pao,  Oolong Tea has proven popular for centuries in China and surrounding countries including Tibet and Taiwan, the health benefits of Oolong tea are numerous and well documented a well as the flavours diverse and highly developed, if I had to choose to drink only style of tea it would be Oolong with out question.

It is  quite  recent that  Oolong tea has become known in the West, though we are fast becoming aware of the myriad of the health benefits from drinking Oolong as well as the many other varieties of Chinese Tea.

Like several types of  Chinese tea;  Oolong Tea is  known to help alleviate various health issues including  persistent skin problems, Oolong tea is also proving popular and effective as a Chinese Weight Loss Tea and general health tonic,

In China;  Chinese Tea in its many forms is seen as an integral part of Chinese Medicine and for centuries Tea has played an important part in the lives of every Chinese Adult…In China inviting someone to “Drink Tea” is a polite way of organizing an informal meeting to discuss important or not so important issues. Tea can provide the neutral ground to sort out serious problems, or just a great excuse to stop work and enjoy the company of  friends.

Tea is the traditional drink offered at every meal in China — not solely because of teas long history within China or teas pleasant taste,  but also Chinese tea is well known as  metabolism conditioner and Oolong has become popular as a  Weight Loss Tea, drinking tea with your meals will aid in digestion of rich or fatty foods, by speeding up your metabolism;

This ability of the many types of Chinese Tea including Oolong tea to increase your metabolism and aid in the processing of fatty foods has  lead to Chinese tea being named a Weight Loss Tea by many in the West.

Though for you to gain any dieting benefit from Chinese Tea you should first review your eating and exercise habits in tandem as well as  introducing Oolong tea into your daily diet, These adjustments to your diet and exercise are the key to gaining health or weight loss benefits from Oolong Tea,  rather than blindly viewing,  Chinese Tea as a miracle cure from ancient China ? Chinese Tea should be viewed as just a small part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Improved health is only one of the primary justifications behind the consumption of Oolong green tea, While most Chinese would consider drinking tea a social occasion – a basic tradition.

In the West our main motivation is to enjoy the health benefits of Oolong tea. Additionally, Chinese tea is prepared and used in multiple ways. This article will review a couple of these Chinese remedies.

Oolong Tea :

One of the situations that calls for the use of Oolong tea as a natural remedy is to control or prevent a persistent  acne condition.

Acne is at the forefront of skin issues today on all corners of the globe, and there is an increasing desire to move away from harsh chemical acne cures and where ever possible use a more natural holistic approach  to cure your acne problem.

Oolong green tea is an excellent natural treatment that offers credible results for someone who has acne issues.

Acne Treatment Using Oolong Tea, Skin Care :

Oolong tea contains astringent properties. By infusing the tea as you normally would and washing it over your face thoroughly, this eliminates and kills off many of the toxins and bacterial areas that induce acne.

You would also be wise to  also drink oolong green tea on a daily basis to cultivate this effect long term. Oolong tea,  thanks to its minimal processing once picked, ensures Oolong tea is extraordinarily rich in antioxidants  these  antioxidants target free radicals in the bloodstream which makes Chinese Tea an excellent preventative medicine, as well as preventing acne Oolong tea can also be used to help remedy skin issues like… dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other persistent skin problems.

Many people  swear by Oolong green tea’s ability to cure lifelong skin conditions that all matters of prescribed medications could not.

Oolong Tea And Polyphenols :

Polyphenols have two functions…

1) encourages the activity of enzymes.

2) removes free radicals.

Free radicals, are a bi-product of our environmental conditions, when combined in your body they accelerate the aging of your skin, without effective control – in the form of introducing polyphenols, unsightly skin damage will occur, normally showing in the form of dark spots and premature wrinkles.

Free Radicals Damage Your Skin :

What is the source of Free Radicals ?…

1) exposure to sunlight.

2) cigarette smoke.

3) excessive exercise.

4) stress.

5) food additives.

Science has confirmed the effectiveness of the polyphenols in Oolong tea.

Oolong Tea, Weight Loss.

As we mentioned previously Oolong tea can also aid in Chinese Weight Loss. Many people today are becoming  increasingly wary of all the latest weight loss fads. This is due in part to the fact that most of these “weight loss cures” turn out to be worthless or in many cases are more damaging to the body than helpful.

Oolong Tea…  is not a wonder drug or miracle cure,  it will not have you dropping twenty pounds in two weeks… but this pleasant tasting Chinese tea will definitely lend a solid contribution to the elimination of heavy metals and toxins from your body, improving your overall health, It is proven to be an excellent skin cleanser, while at the same time aid in controlling your weight by speeding up your metabolism and naturally  burning off unwanted fat cells.

Chinese Remedies Using Food Therapy

Food Therapy

Healing Foods.

In ancient China, the Chinese people had to take  full responsibility for their own health care using traditional Chinese medicine. There were no laws or regulations dictating that the government was responsible for the nation’s health care for a very long time. In due course, utilizing healing foods gave rise to the development of holistic health practices in the form of food therapy, and these practices were used by citizens belonging to all economic classes.

Food Therapy.

The Chinese have always held a strong reverence for nature and frequently turned to natural resources for disease prevention, natural healing  and pain relief. Food was one particular aspect of nature that the Chinese people came to depend on for their therapeutic practices. In fact, food therapy was not even considered to be a medical art for many years; it served as a core aspect to daily wellness in Chinese living. Since these ancient times, however, food that cures has developed a far more pivotal role in people’s lives both in the West and in China.


Food therapy using superfoods is not only about eating healthy, it is a form of natural medicine using good nutrition to boost your all your body’s system’s it has a positive effect on your hormonal system, cardiovascular, circularity, digestive and immune system, creating a natural balance that allows your body to heal its self and prevents many diseases from occurring in the first place.

Superfoods List :

10 superfoods easily found in your local supermarket …

1) green tea.

2) brown rice.

3) bananas.

4) salmon.

5) spinach.

6) avocado.

7) spirulina.

8 – turkey.

9) oats.

10) walnuts.

In Chinese medicine today, food is viewed as much more than something we consume to acquire energy. Food cures a variety of mental and physical imbalances in Chinese doctrines. It is only quite recent that the Western world “discovered” the validity of these food therapy practices and began putting them into good effect.

Holistic medicine has been gaining more momentum in the world of Western medicine, especially in the past twenty years. While most people have a basic understanding of what holistic health is, many are completely unaware of food therapy.

Food Cures.

Food therapy, in essence, means just what it sounds like: it integrates the use of healing foods that cure in order to bring about some form of physical relief or healing in the patient that is being administered to.

Some of the most commonly used food sources include herbs, meat proteins and minerals like fossilized bones. The food cures can cure many illnesses ranging from skin conditions like acne and premature aging, mild discomfort from headaches, and menstrual cramps of women, to kidney stones and even cancer. Whatever the source of the problem may be,

Chinese medicine fully adheres to the conviction that food cures what ails you. There are no extreme side effects resulting from the implementation of food therapy, and it works.

Natural Remedies For Acne Using Chinese Remedies

Traditional Chinese MedicineAcne Remedies

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are some significant differences found between the natural remedies for acne when comparing them to modern Western medicine. Namely, there is a prominent spiritual connection found in Chinese doctrines involved in the process of diagnosing and treating health issues.

Chinese Medicine

The only prescribed medications in Chinese medicine used in acne remedies are the natural resources that can be obtained directly from the environment. These include such sources as minerals, plants and certain animal proteins. A variety of these substances are employed in the treatment of skin disorders and other inflammatory conditions. The skin problem that this article delves into specifically is acne.

Acne is deemed to be a problem that connects directly to a pathogenic conflict of two elements: “Dampness” and “Heat”. Similar to the Western point of view on the causes of acne the Chinese believe that an Acne problem can be an immediate response to a hormonal imbalance, physical and mental stress, insufficient sleep or a poor diet and working too much. In Chinese Medicine this is considered an excess of Yang energy. Dampness is the result of excess water being circulated throughout the body. This is considered an excess of Yin energy. Poor emotional health is particularly responsible for acne troubles.

Natural Remedies For Acne

The aim of these Chinese natural remedies for acne is to balance out the Yin and Yang aspects in a person’s body when there is a clear imbalance, this balance is brought about by way of using a natural acne treatment. There are foods that have been categorized in such a way in that they either correspond to the Yin, Yang or Neutral groups.

Healing Foods or Food Therapy

Utilizing Food Therapy to treat acne (as well as other skin conditions ) is just one of the natural remedies for acne. The foods you eat will be largely contingent upon the cause of your acne and whether that cause is derived from an imbalance of Yang or Yin energies in the body. Aside from the foods you eat, there are other natural acne cures that can be used to help the healing process along. Food therapy is also proving popular as an anti aging skin care therapy.

Acupuncture to Treat Acne

Acupuncture is one of the natural remedies for acne being used with success today. Then there are Chinese herbal remedies, which are far more commonplace.

Chinese tea such as Oolong tea, a tea rich in antioxidants and is proven as a natural skin care solution, especially for acne, Oolong tea can taken either  internally or used as an antibacterial face wash, and Herbs are also used in natural remedies for acne can be used as a medicinal compound that you apply to the skin, or they can be worked with in such a way as to make them an edible concoction.

Chinese Remedies Using Moxibustion

Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is “moxibustion” . if Chinese medicine is new to you, it is unlikely that you have heard the term, much less understand what it means.

The idea of using moxibustion therapy may confuse you even  more.

This article will delve into the concept of moxibustion therapy and help you to acquire a basic understanding of what it is and how it works and why you would use it.

To start off, what exactly does the word moxibustion mean? Moxibustion itself denotes the use of something called moxa wool, which serves as a cautery agent on the skin by igniting it. Now we will take things a step further here.

What is moxibustion therapy, and what kind of situations is it generally used for.

Moxibustion Therapy

Moxibustion therapy is a therapeutic approach that is considered to fall under the category of holistic treatments. Moxibustion therapy involves the direct application of heat to various points of the body that are in need of remedial attention.

The source of this external heat comes out of the moxa wool when the practitioner rolls it out and around on the patient’s skin surface.

Chinese method is used in conjunction to ancient scientific practices that have been used for thousands of years in the diagnosis and treatment of illness. In the process of rolling out this moxa, the heat that is generated will cause the body to react in such a way that it inhibits or eliminates the presence of disease.

Using Moxibustion therapy on a regular basis over an extended period of time has been proven to truly make a difference in the health of many patients.

Moxibustion Acupuncture

Moxibustion acupuncture is an extended form of basic acupuncture that utilizes what is primarily referred to as Yang energy (the core masculine property, aka “Heat”).

The process of moxibustion therapy is intentionally used to treat and cure common colds.

This form of holistic treatment is not recommended to those who have been diagnosed with a prominent presence of Heat in the body. Moxibustion therapy has always been considered to be a completely safe form of treatment over the centuries.

There are many uses for acupuncture including acupuncture for weight loss or acupuncture to quit smoking.

Chinese Remedies Using Black Tea

Pu-erh Tea

Black Tea is a fully-fermented tea that fits into the Dark Tea category of Chinese Tea.

In China it is more commonly known as Red Tea due to the beautiful deep red color of the tea liquid.

Black Tea offers several health benefits to the regular drinker though due to the fact is under goes 100% fermentation its health benefits differ from Green Tea or Oolong Tea – The main benefit from Black Tea is heart health.

Black Tea is one the 6  tea types from China and one of the most important with a long history of use and production throughout China.

The importance of Tea and Tea Culture throughout China cannot be over stated… if you were to undertake an in-depth study of   Chinese tea the study would take you to the center of Chinese cultural values… There are many in China who believe… ” Tea Is Life “

Tea as a gift is very important gesture, it is often gifted to new family members or business contacts… to give someone a gift of  tea is to – wish them a long happy life.

Black Tea in particular offers a very distinct personality when compared to other teas.

Black Tea Classification

One of the more well-known characteristics of Quality black tea is that, as it ages over time, the tea’s flavors, scent and consistency is accentuated and becomes more pronounced.

In other words, when full leaf  Black Tea is stored correctly, the better it will taste, this depends on the quality of the tea you are aging of course.

Tea connoisseurs or those first learning about Chinese Tea often compare the tasting and appreciation of  Chinese tea to the likes of sampling or collecting fine wine.

Like wine, the qualities that  the tea inherits is dependent on where the  tea  is grown, the main influences are :

  • soil
  • altitude
  • humidity
  • rainfall
  • soil structure…
  • season it is picked – Spring is considered the best time to produce great tea

all of these  criteria influence in a small but noticeable way the  taste of Chinese Tea…

Many tea experts can recognize the flavor and scent that is unique to the region the tea is grown and the methods used to process it.

Black Tea Benefits :

Black Tea alone should not be expected to cure all the health problems in the above list,  but when used on a daily basis as it is used in China – Black Tea  has been found to relieve many health issues – Black Tea can be a  great alternative to many store brought medicines.

Black Tea like many natural remedies should be seen as preventative medicine – not an instant cure all – but a very nice tea to drink, that will compliment your current health care.

Black Tea Remedies :

One common remedy involving Black Tea is to use it as an astringent for acne. It is used to rinse your face rather than washing with harsh soaps or chemicals, Black Tea will help retain your natural oils while washing away bacteria that lead to acne.

Black Tea is also used in administering to dry or cracked lips. The black tea actually helps the skin to retain its moisture without becoming dried.  This is accomplished by placing a lukewarm Black Tea bag to the lips and allowing it to sit there for up to ten minutes.

Another lesser known Black Tea remedy is for sunburn, Strong Black Tea that you have allowed to cool is combined with warm bath water the person with sunburn then soak themselves in the bath tub for up to 15 minutes, this will ease most of the pain from sunburn -  at least offer temporary relief.

In a recent Australian study Black Tea was proven to be a natural remedy for blood pressure and shown to improve blood circulation and reduce high blood pressure by several points – Black tea is known to reduce the  incidents of strokes.