Chinese Asthma Home Remedies

Chinese Asthma Home Remedies :

Traditional Chinese Medicine prescribes that asthma comes in four different forms.

Chinese asthma home remedies have been designed that specifically deal with each different form.

In Chinese Medicine it is believed the first form of asthma is caused by what is known as spleen deficiency.

It is characterized by the appearance of a lot of mucous.

Although not actually having anything to do with the spleen, it is caused by a digestive deficiency which causes the body to hold on to water.

The excess water turns into mucous and affects the lungs.

Simple Chinese asthma home remedies for this condition decreases the overall water content.

One such treatment is called Er Chen Wan, containing herbs which remove the dampness.

Liver heat is another condition which causes asthma.

Again, having nothing to do with the liver, liver heat is caused by external sources of heat, such as pollution, alcohol or certain drugs that cause the lungs to overheat.

Chinese asthma home remedies that contain herbs such as ShaShen, Lily Bulb and Beach Silvertop help in alleviating coughing or breathing difficulties caused by liver heat.

Lung Qi Deficiency is another condition causing asthma.

A qi deficiency causes an overall weakening of the lungs, which can in turn cause shortness of breath and shallow breathing.

Ping Chuan Wan and dry cough pills are very effective asthma home remedies that can alleviate symptoms caused by a qi deficiency.

Herbs in Ping Chuan Wan restore qi efficiency.

Kidney deficiency is another condition which can cause asthma.

A deficient kidney isn’t able to supply proper energy to the lungs, resulting in improper lung function.

Asthma home remedies that contain gecko are very useful in treating this particular condition.

Asthma is a condition that strikes a vast percentage of the overall population and can easily be caused by external conditions. Finding Chinese asthma  home remedies that specifically deal with these conditions will go a long way toward restoring healthy lung functions.

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