Anti Aging Skin Care Using Chinese Remedies

Traditional Chinese MedicineAt the center of traditional Chinese medicine’s principles, you will find that there is a firm belief in the inner beauty and harmony of the human soul. Therefore, it is only natural that the pursuit of healing (and preventing) wrinkled and anti aging skin care in Chinese culture is of a holistic nature.

One major difference between the Eastern and Western cultures is that there are not so many cosmetic and medical treatments used in China as there are in the West. The diagnosis and treatment of skin care issues using Chinese remedies is completely different. It often leaves many Westerners feeling amiss or confused on how things work.

Anti Aging Treatments

Chinese doctrines typically involve a more personal and organ-centered approach, where as Western practices rely heavily on scientific evaluations. Western doctors will not typically involve the patient on a personal level.

A Western patient might expect their doctor to offer an antibiotic cream or acid-based product as an anti aging treatment for their wrinkles

However, traditional Chinese practitioners focus on discerning an actual internal source that triggers the problem. A patient may be offered an introduction to food therapy or herb-derived tonic that boosts blood circulation and nourishes the body in order to ensure that they remain healthier and have more vitality over the years. Tonics taken as herbal teas have been used in natural Chinese anti aging treatments for thousands of years.

Oolong Tea Skin Care

Oolong tea is rich in Polyphenols which target and remove free radicals from your blood stream. Free radicals, are a bi-product of our environment once  they build up to a critical mass in our bodies  they accelerate the aging process including premature aging of your skin, without effective control – in the form of introducing polyphenols, unsightly skin damage will occur, normally showing in the form of dark spots and wrinkles.

Natural solutions to such problems as aging or wrinkling can be found in cultivating a balance of,  healthy diet, exercise and reducing stress on both the physical and mental levels. Any imbalance is considered to be an excess presence of Yin or Yang energy.

Instead of attempting to stop aging or wrinkling with medication, Chinese practitioners focus on accentuating and heightening the patient’s health by guiding them through a learning process on how to maintain a properly balanced lifestyle. Undergoing this process ensures that the patient has a perfect blend of Yin and Yang energies present in their bodies.

Anti Aging Tips

Anti aging tips that are often given to patients include leading a happy, fulfilling lifestyle and living each day to its fullest potential. Additional anti aging tips include sleeping correctly, stretching, exercising, eating right and reducing unnecessary stress. adopting super-foods into your diet, used as as food cures will alleviate many problems that can lead to premature aging including the black spots or facial wrinkles that are a concern to so many people.

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